Official Released: Milesight AI Dual-sensor 180° Panoramic Camera

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AI Empowers Security

Powered by advanced AI engine, Milesight new generation video analytics boasts with higher accuracy via a pre-trained deep learning model and continuously training to algorithms automatically.

  • AI VCA

    Milesight AI Camera Series can intelligently filter objects to focus on human and vehicle detection in multiple events such as Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Loitering, Line Crossing, Tamper Detection, Advanced Motion Detection, etc.

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  • AI people counting

    High accuracy and real-time regional people counting based on AI algorithm, with statistic reports for further analysis, helps to make fast decision on security management and increase the operational efficiency of the business.

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H.265+ Codec

Compared with H.264, H.265+ allows to cut down 70%~80% bandwidth while ensuring the high quality of images.


3-Axis Mechanical Design

3-axis mechanical design with 180° pan, 15-90° tilt and 360° roll for fast and easy adjustment of the camera's viewing angle.

3-Axis Mechanical Design of IR Mini Dome Network Camera

Smart IR II Technology

The IR distance is up to 20m with two High Beams and two Low Beams. Moreover, with the IR anti-reflection panel, the infrared light transmittance is highly increased.

Smart IR II Technology.

New Microphone

Upgraded with new codec, the microphone voice is clearer, which is much better than the previous one.

New Microphone codec of IR Mini Dome Network Camera

Better Thermal Design

The base of the New IR Mini Dome Network Camera with bulged strips which enlarge the heat dissipating area has been upgraded to better dissipate heat.

Better Thermal Design of IR Mini Dome Network Camera.

Easy Installation

Milesight specially designs a press button, a unique panel on the side of cover and built-in PoE port, making the installation a piece of cake.

Easy Installation of IR Mini Dome Network Camera.

Support A71 Wall Mount accessory to easily install the IR mini dome on a wall or vertical structure.

Easy Installation of IR Mini Dome Network Camera.

Two Colors Available

Available in White and Black, the brand-new IR Mini Dome provides more choices for your preference.

Two Colors Available for IR Mini Dome Network Camera.

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