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2 Types of Supplement Light

Light Up Wherever You Go

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White LED Supplement Light
IR LED Supplement Light

Illuminate the World,
Identify More

Illumination is critical for nighttime traffic monitoring. The white LED supplement light with self-adjusting intensity can prevent headlight overexposure, making plates more recognizable, and can illuminate the surrounds to restore the true appearance of the vehicle, allowing more vehicle details to be precisely identified by AI LPR algorithms.

white LED light ai lpr camera

Zero Interference with Invisible IR

The IR LED supplement light features zero interference invisible light, allowing the camera to provide clear and accurate LPR results with the least light pollution at night, making it the perfect choice for 24/7 road traffic surveillance.

IR LED light ai lpr camera

2 Types of Camera Lens

Ready For Any Scenarios

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8~32mm AF Lens
2.7~13.5mm Motorized Lens
4X Optical Zoom supplement light ai lpr camera

4X Optical Zoom for Distant Vehicle

The 8~32mm AF lens equipped camera is suitable for urban roads or highways which allows zoom in and out for distant vehicle identification and plate recognition.

Supplement light AI LPR Motorized Pro Bullet Plus camera

Capture Sharply, Recognize Precisely

2.7~13.5mm Motorized lens is used for capturing and recognizing vehicles and plates at closer distance, delivering the best results in vehicle entrance & exit.

2 Interfaces Newly-added

Be Compatible with More

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Wiegand Interface
RS485 Interface

Make Access Control Simple

Milesight Supplement Light AI LPR Camera can work with any access control system perfectly with built-in Wiegand interface, greatly expanding its usability to a wider range of application scenes.

Wiegand interface of suplement light ai lpr camera

Gear up for a
Scalable System

RS485 interface enables the customization of the solution with a radar module or any other devices you may require for more advanced and scalable systems.

RS485 interface of suplement light ai lpr camera

24/7 Quality Images Empower Stronger AI

Superior image quality with the highest performance sensor and cutting-edge image process technologies ensures the best performance of embedded AI analytics. Precise recognition results of number plate, vehicle type, vehicle color and plate color are all set to boost your intelligent traffic solution right away.

140dB Super WDR Pro
100fps Ultra High Frame Rate
1/2' STARVIS Starlight Sensor
vehicle type recognition
plate color recognition
vehicle color recognition
car door

All-in-One for Easy Deployment

The fully integrated supplement light makes the camera easy to deploy on sites. Simply mount it in the proper positions and you're done. No need for additional installations.

easy deployment supplement light ai lpr camera

For the Road and for the Entrance & Exit

Milesight Supplement Light AI LPR Camera is your best choice to start 24/7 LPR solution on roads and vehicle entrances and exits!

supplement light ai lpr camera for traffic monitoring

Feel the High Performance via Demos

Milesight LPR Camera in Low Light

to right Best IR Effect for 24/7 Traffic Monitoring to left

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Accurately Capture Plates of Fast Moving Vehicles

Not Just Plates, We Also Do Good at Vehicle Images

Superior Capture Performance for Special Plates

Watch Demo

to right See the Night in Daylight View to left

White LED Lights Up to See Color

Illuminate to Recognize More Vehicle Features

Watch Demo
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