Good Uses of the Magnetic Contact Switch Door Sensor in Office

smart workplace solution WS301 Uses for Office Cover

What are the most fundamental concerns for businesses? Office security! Any huge losses to the businesses or harm to the employees often result from the potential threats that could be eliminated from the beginning. However, while big companies can afford costly and comprehensive security systems, small business security systems should be robust and affordable as well. Thus, Milesight provides a wire-free magnetic Contact switch to be included in a smart workplace solution to protect your office assets.

Door & Window

WS301 Use in Door Window

Doors and windows are the first barriers to prevent burglary. By installing the WS301 on the door or window, you will know about every door or window status, like which was left open by accident, and the WS301 LoRaWAN® door sensor will send information about it directly to your smartphone.

Safe Box  smart workplace solution WS301 Use in Safe Box

Safe boxes are a secure means of storing cash, valuables, and important documents. Currently, the smart Wi-Fi safe boxes are not ubiquitous., You can install the WS301 LoRaWAN® door sensor inside the safe box to record each time you open it as well as alarm you about unauthorized access.

File Cabinet WS301 Use in File Cabinet

File cabinet is an office necessity unit that helps you to keep your paperwork in order and keep your trade secrets safe, and it can be intelligentized with WS301 LoRaWAN® door sensor, to inform you whenever somebody open the cabinet.


WS301 Application Topology

Featured Products WS301 LoRaWAN® Magnetic Contact Switch UG65 Semi-industrial LoRaWAN® Gateway
  About WS301 Magnetic Contact Switch The WS301 is a 100% wire-free magnetic contact switch to be easily installed on a door or window to detect the opening or closing event, and report alarms over the LoRaWAN® network in your smart workplace solution. The minimal magnet is placed inside the portable part, while the sensor is inside the fixed part on the door, window or other objects. Benefits
  • No worries about forgetting to close the door
  • Time alert of unauthorized entry
  • Keep valuables and important files safe

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