Milesight EV Charging Station Management Solution Lays the Foundation Stone of Carbon Neutrality

ev-charging-stations Background

World temperatures are rising because of human activity, and climate change is now threatening every aspect of human life. Under this circumstance, carbon neutrality has been adopted as a feasible and effective way to mitigate negative impacts of climate change because it can reduce total greenhouse gas emissions.

In the process of carbon neutrality, electric vehicles become more and more prevalent all over the world owing to its zero-emission, low-noise, low maintenance and shrinking operation cost. According to surveys, the global electric vehicle scale has taken a huge leap forward and faces unpredictable growth in the near future. So do EV charging station scale. However, it is hard to remotely manage such a large quantity of decentralized EV charging stations.

Challenges Low Capability of Data Transmission Many stakeholders will be delayed to receive the field data of charging and metering. Difficulty of Troubleshooting The full suite of services is offered by various providers for which it will be hard for troubleshooting when any issue occurs. Obstacle in Maintenance & Management The scattered charging stations with complex structure will bring great difficulties to on-site technical personnel for the devices maintenance and management. Dilemmato Approach Charging Station When Vehicles Run out of Power Most charging points are deployed in challenging environment where it would be difficult to approach. Lack of Redundant Link Support Sometimes redundant link support Is also in the list of technical requirements. Solution

In view of the above issues, Milesight releases a feasible solution, providing an easy-setup, operationally efficient, and cost-optimal plan for EV charging stations and making it possible to realize remote control with the wireless 3G/4G design as well.


The solution comes with EV, EV charger, Milesight cellular router, and cloud management software from EV charger manufacturer or a third party. Wherein, the Milesight industrial cellular router plays a crucial role of providing a high-speed and stable networking and transparent link for the charging and metering data transmission so as to analyze and monitor the devices with prompt response, by which leads to a desired outcome of cost reduction.

Solution Benefits Based on Milesight Cellular Routers Features Help More Devices Connect to the Internet

Milesight router helps connect to the Internet via wireless 4G/3G/GPRS technology for the charging point placed in an environment where it’s too difficult or expensive to deploy optical network.

Send Essential Data to Management Software Timely

Automated fail-over/fail-back between Ethernet and cellular (dual SIMs) feature ensures all data to be sent to the management software timely.

Guarantee Secure & Stable Communication

Multiple options of VPN (IPsec, OpenVPN, DMVPN, GRE, L2TP, PPTP) with different encryption methods ensure the secured and stable communication.

Ensure Light Transmission of Large Data

Featuring 2 or 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, an Milesight cellular router is all you need for each charging station and gets you into light transmission of large data from multiple EV chargers.

Receive& Transfer Multiple Operating Parameters

Serial ports (RS232 & RS485) and I/O interface help you receive and transfer EV chargers’ voltage, current, power distribution and other operating parameters.

SendAlerts of out-of-Compliance Equipment Timely

SMS alarm & mail alarm system provide ability for engineers to take corresponding actions in no time by sending them the alerts of those out-of-compliance equipment.

Support Secondary Development

Embedded Milesight SDK (Python 2.7/C) helps secondary development in SSD/Micro SD card.

Offer a Degree of Protection Against Water & Dust

Industrial design with IP30 protection class helps to function properly in the most demanding environment.

Electric vehicle is a critical first step towards a zero-carbon world, and Milesight escorts for a zero-carbon future through better management of EV charging stations.


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