Optimize the Bulk Storage of Grain via Milesight Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Solution

optimize the bulk storage of grain via milesight carbon dioxide monitoring solution Recently, the global food supply has been facing an increasing food shortage, driven by the growing global population, persistent conflict, COVID-19-related economic shocks, and weather extremes. Despite the need for additional food, lots of grain is lost after harvesting, mainly caused by spoilage due to mould or insect infestation during storage, which leads to huge food waste and financial loss. To help optimize the bulk storage of grain, Milesight offers a CO2 monitoring solution to help prevent mould or insect infestation, ensure the quality of the stored grain, and prevent economic losses for farmers.


Insects and moulds can grow in stored grain. Traditionally, farmers or storage managers check the stored grain visually and by odor at a long interval. Furthermore, manual checking can earlier detect the spoilage of insects and moulds, but it’s tedious and time-consuming. Hence, a fast, simple method for earlier spoilage detection is needed to prevent grain loss.

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Milesight EM500-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Sensor helps in real-time monitoring of CO2 concentration. In addition, EM500-CO2 also integrates temperature and humidity sensors for grain storage. Combining with the advanced LoRaWAN® technology and 19000mAh battery makes it a low-power consumption product with more than 10 years-long use of life. EM500-CO2 is a ideal choice to optimize the bulk storage of grain.

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Moulds and insects produce CO2 during respiration. A high concentration level of CO2 indicates moulds and insects. Therefore, CO2 monitoring is a necessary and important method for the early detection of spoilage in stored grains. By placing the sensors at suited locations in the storage tank, EM500-CO2 can detect the CO2 concentration produced by moulds and insects. Once the CO2 level exceeds the threshold, EM500-CO2 will report to Milesight IoT Cloud or other cloud platforms via LoRaWAN® gateway. Milesight IoT Cloud will also send a notification to the alert recipients. Once potential spoilage is detected, the farmer or manager can cope with the problem. When working with insecticidal or ventilation systems, Milesight IoT Cloud can also realize unmanned spoilage monitoring and automatic ventilation or insect killing, resulting in reduced grain losses and higher quality of stored grain.


  • 4-in-1 Sensor

Besides CO2 monitoring, EM500-CO2 is also highly sensitive to temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.  

  • 7*24 Accurate Monitoring and Immediate Alert

7*24 easy, fast, and accurate CO2 concentration monitoring to detect potential grain spoilage, and alert admins once spoilage occurs.  

  • Years-Long Use Life

19000 mAh Li-SOCL2 battery and low power consumption design make it a more than 10 years-long use life.

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