The Ultimate Price Adjustment Guide of Milesight IoT Cloud

Milesight IoT Cloud is designed for Milesight brand LoRaWAN® based sensors/node and gateways users. Our previous licensing business is based on a low variable cost environment, where a price waterfall and promotions are used to sell software rather than service. However, the growing cloud business has pricing based on number of users or data usage, availability, and/or consumption of the hardware product or service. Pricing for cloud doesn’t align well, and we intend to make the price adjustment since this new version V1.10 of Milesight IoT Cloud. Our pricing and licensing will now be standardized for all of our customers, billed monthly and include multiple tiers. 


Your feedback has been taken to heart, and we are making adjustments. Outlined below are changes that we feel are positives for our customers.

Which customers will be most impacted by pricing adjustment?

  1. Customers who have purchased Smart Agriculture Demo Kit V1 will likely see the most impact for their following usage of Milesight IoT Cloud V1.10 version. * They will receive the 12-Month Free Service Expiration Notice on both WEB page and phone APP after login Milesight IoT Cloud server as well as by email formally. * They will have 7-day grace period after expiration. * They will receive the notice 3 times: 7 days prior to the expiration date, the day of expiration date and 7 days after expiration date. * Expiration date means the 12 months after the payment of demo kit.
  2. Customers who are testing the older Milesight IoT Cloud versions will be automatically switch to the free version of Cloud V1.10 with the limit authorities.
What are the effective changes with the new price-list?
      • Replacing the previous “Starter” and “Professional” with “Free” and “Standard” two versions
      • Delivering consistency in pricing by aligning 3 tiers in licensed “Standard” version
      • Providing greater convenience and sufficient services by free version
Where can I see the details of new pricing?

The new pricing for Milesight IoT Cloud V1.10 will be available on both website and other channels with different currency such as Milesight distributors and partners locally.

For Milesight distributors, please reach out to your Account Manager for more details.

If you are interested in Milesight, please leave us a message.

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