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Xiamen, China (January 18th, 2022)-A lot has evolved at Milesight over the past decade - from products portfolios to technology development. Many unique moments are connected with the name of Milesight. And today, Milesight announced a new identity, moving forward into a promising AIoT era.

In this episode of VP Talk, Milesight vice president Leon JIANG shares insights on why Milesight rebrands at this moment and what will Milesight do.

vp talk new milesight new logoThe animated version of the new Milesight logo released on January 18th, 2022.   vp talk new milesight question mark Last year, by company merge, Milesight projected a stronger and powerful brand image among its global customers. What changed this time with the new logo? In other words, why is Milesight doing this now?

Last year was definitely a memorable year. However, the only thing that never changes is that everything changes. And we are eager to find out what the limits are and how can we serve our customers better as AIoT solution provider. Changing is within us, and we are always seeking breakthroughs and development regarding technology and services.

I remember the days when we communicated with our customers to deliver smarter AIoT solutions tailored to their needs. I remember the nights when our team cracked the puzzle to ensure the best user experience. All of these are valuable nutrients that help provide a better soil environment for Milesight to thrive. So here we are. A more mature and powerful Milesight with new identity. The new logo is more than a simple redesign of the shape. It is the bloom of our years of constant effort and relentless fights.

vp talk new milesight question mark What does it mean to have a smarter and more connected life with AIoT solution? How is AIoT addressing the skill gaps compared with traditional ones?

By years of hard working, we are proud to say that our customers can enjoy a smarter and more connected life with our AIoT solutions. So far, we have achieved something unique and great. Across the nation, about six hundred teammates united in Milesight will play an incredible role in defining the future.

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By combining AI and IoT together, system will become smarter. It doesn't just collect the data, AIoT analyzes the patterns and gives you the information you need to make the best decisions. Milesight integrates high value-added technologies such as 5G, IoT transmission and AI deep learning, into a more comprehensive AIoT solution, marking the big step of our strategic product development. Actually, it is not easy to find such an amazing solution which covers multiple innovations towards AIoT. But, in Milesight, you can expect more even any top-edge technology, for Milesight always keeps a close eyes on the market trend and will always deliver the innovation that requires visionary thinking to our customers.

vp talk new milesight question mark When Milesight is working with companies of all different sizes across all different industries, what factors contribute the most to an IoT project’s success?

We focus on the present with an eye on the future. With that in mind, our philosophy towards products is that we not only focus on polishing our products like artisans, but we do so with a visionary approach to all things. Better products and services are always our relentless pursuit. And all of these could not happen without our amazing teams, the people who are dedicated to every product detail and chic and future-oriented creation. By being a better me, our team will grow together to meet with a broader world.

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In addition, with what Milesight is offering, the ease of the technology’s usability is something that contributes to AIoT adoption. With IoT-based insights and years long experience, we are always technology driven and committed to offering comprehensive solutions for vertical industries. How can we achieve that? Because we do have a strong R&D team consisted of experienced and professional members who have been working on this field for more than a decade. In fact, we established our own Chengdu R&D Center and Shenzhen Operation Center as well.

Unlike companies that only offer standardized products, we respond to customer feedback and needs with lightning speed, which means what we offer would be cutting-edge and competitive enough on market worldwide. In addition, we conduct research and studies to pinpoint what is trending in the industry so that we can identify and propose the right products before users know what they want.

vp talk new milesight question mark What are you most excited for in the future of AIoT for the new year and beyond?

Great things happen when we are connected. With the dramatic rise and development of AI and IoT around the globe, we are always passionate about connectivity of everything. The deeper we dive into, the better we could contribute to the overall ecosystem. So, in such a promising AIoT era, we will grasp every opportunity to explore the real application of AIoT solution and break limits with innovation and dedication.

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