The Fever of Annual Partnership Celebration in Iran Left a Great Memory Among the Comers

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The Annual Partnership Celebration in Iran on April 26th came with a happy ending. Thanks for all the comers.

Xiamen, China (April 30th, 2019)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the success of Annual Partnership Celebration in Iran.

April 26th is a big day for Milesight and our partner Kankash. It is the day for us to share what current Milesight is. It is the time for us to show Milesight’s quick and unstoppable growth. It is the day for us to welcome new customers. Also it is the time for us to thank all the customers who accomplished the great job in promoting Milesight last year.

The celebration had involved over 200 people and some even brought their children to join the unforgettable day. Milesight Vice Present Leon and Product Specialist Nina specially attended the celebration together with the leaders of Kankash.

Along with the emotional national anthem, the seminar began. Several key partner leaders shared their success stories and their gratitude of Milesight with the comers at first. Then the introduction of Milesight and the product videos left a deeper impression on the comers, making they understand more about Milesight quick-growing history, powerful present and brilliant future. After that, three co-founders talked about the history and development of Kankash with Milesight and celebrated the 14th birthday with all the comers, which was a really very touching moment. After a short break, Milesight introduced the new products and technologies, letting the comers experience how innovative Milesight products and technologies are. During the celebration, several question sessions about Milesight aroused a rat race on the spot. Only the most loyal Milesight fan could answer all the difficult questions and win in the fierce competition. It stands the reason that the brand-new Milesight 180° Panoramic Bullet Network Cameras were given as awards. Then, several videos and speeches of how Kankash prepared the seminar and how they love and promote Milesight really showed their enthusiasm to Milesight. Also, there was a prize presentation for the customers who did well at projects, distribution, market, etc. At the end of the celebration, the comers provided their feedback and suggestions for Milesight products and others. Around 14:45, the whole celebration ended with a great success.

After this Annual Partnership Celebration, Milesight came closer to the local distributors and installers, letting them know better about Milesight and our missions of endless pursuing of “Better Inside, More in Sight”. At the meantime, we felt the love and trust of Milesight customers over there and collected the first hand suggestions in the market. In the end, we shall say “Happy 14 years anniversary of our most loyal friend in Iran, Kankash.”

About Milesight
Milesight, established in 2011, is a high-tech company specializing in the design and manufacture of best-in-class video surveillance solutions with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market. Milesight markets its products through a worldwide network of distributors and resellers, offering excellent pre/after-sales and technical support services that exceed customers' expectation.

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Better inside,more in sight
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