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Milesight IP Video Solution Seminar in Iran Held by Kankash

Published Time : [2015/1/6] Read : [1869]

Xiamen, China (January 4th, 2015)- Kankash Co., Milesight's exclusive partner in Iran, has hosted a seminar on the subject of IP Video Surveillance, held on 26 October, 2014 in Tehran, Iran. Organized in partnership with Kankash, more than 150 representatives from valued partners were convened. The seminar was held to present the latest Milesight product and already completed projects in Iran, as well as expresses Kankash's profound gratitude for partners' commitment and dedication during the past years.

The seminar consisted of three segments. The first segment was a live demonstration of Milesight's IP solution, then an awards ceremony. And the third segment was mainly to announce the launch of Milesight's three latest products.

The seminar has been inaugurated with a live demonstration of Milesight IP solution. Kankash sales and support team stand by for every guest's questions, offering professional service. The emphasis is on the strong points of the high-resolution Milesight Mini Series IP cameras with outstanding megapixel video quality and highly compact design. The attendees were impressed by the product's image performance, exquisite design and rich features, which has further enhanced their understanding of Milesight products.

During the seminar, Kankash Co. took advantage of this precious opportunity to express profound gratitude to partners through an awards ceremony, recognizing partners' outstanding performance, growth and contributions. The seminar was interspersed with a prize drawing, taking Milesight new product as top prize, also aiming to foster mutual trust and build a foundation for further cooperation. Maintaining close partnerships built on trust is one of core competencies. Through regular gatherings and open communications, the partnerships have undoubtedly been enhanced.

Kankash executives as well as representatives from Milesight had addressed presentation during the event, introducing Milesight product, marketing and sales, including the cooperation with Milesight based on win-win cooperation for a long term. On the other hand, three latest products were released at the seminar, including remote zoom focus Mini bullet camera, remote zoom focus Pro bullet camera and 4K Ultra HD NVR. Using Ambarella technology and self-design product structure, the Bullet camera is developed with outstanding megapixel video quality and unique design, which make the bullet the fantastic choice to enhance your security. 4K NVR with 4K video camera can be built a set of all 4K ultra HD video monitoring system, to carry out more clearly, higher quality of safety monitoring. From the product development, we can see that Milesight still keep up with the latest technology and do innovation in products.

This seminar helps visitors better understand Milesight technical capabilities and solutions available in the Iran market. Kankash, our valued local partner in Iran, has substantial market experience and strong support from Milesight, thus will continue to show values of Milesight to Iran market.


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