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Milesight Launches New Website

Published Time : [2015/11/17] Read : [783]

Milesight, the leader in IP-based megapixel video surveillance solutions, has launched its new website. It features elegant interface design, improved user experience and brand-new sections. The new website may be accessed with the original web address:

Highlights of the new website:

1.Flat UI colors, dynamic HTML effects and aesthetically pleasing typesetting are adapted to offer refreshed visual enjoyment;
2. Products are now categorized more logically by series: H.265, i-View, in-Sight, NVR and Software. Based on the key features to each series, visitors will easily locate the products they are interested in ;
3.A new Troubleshooting section is added to help isolate problems users might encounter and find solutions to common ones;
4. A new Events section showcases Milesight's latest tradeshows throughout the world;
5. It's more convenient for visitors to sign up for Milesight newsletters just by leaving the E-mail address on the homepage. All the updates on Milesight's new products announcements, software updates, special offer and so on will be found in Newsletters section;
6. A new Case Studies section demonstrates how Milesight products protect the security and safety of different industries such as Banking, Retail, Health Care, Education, etc;
7.A new Partner section provides Milesight marketing/technical materials to empower partners with more resources to promote Milesight products.

The totally new fresh look shows that Milesight is a young and creative team who devoted themselves to designing and manufacturing best-in-class IP surveillance solutions. Please visit, and experience the new website.


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