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Milesight CCTV - Now Fully Upgraded into New Height!

A Fresh Start with New Platform, New Sensor and New Structure

Join us for an exclusive webinar as we unveil our brand-new platform and together with the upgrades of the full lineup of Milesight CCTV products, marking a significant milestone in our journey! Don't miss out!.

For this webinar, you will learn:
  • Explore the changes and upgrades that the new NDAA AI platform brings to Milesight's IPC lineup.
  • Test and validate the upgraded image quality.
  • Discover brand new Intrusion detection function suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Learn about the structural enhancements made by Milesight in the PTZ series.
  • Learn more about the complete updates of Milesight CCTV product lineup.
  • Q&A session with our experts


(Beijing, GMT+8)
Time Zone Preferred Duration Language Register
2023/09/20 05:00 PM EMEA & APAC 60mins English Training End
2023/09/21 09:00 PM EMEA 60mins English Training End
2023/09/26 02:00 PM APAC & Oceania 60mins English Training End
2023/09/27 11:00 PM Americas & EMEA 60mins English Training End

Milesight Parking Management Innovations

Discover Milesight Parking Management Innovations

Searching for Smarter Parking Solutions? Explore our Milesight Webinar!

You’ll discover:
  • Detailed Introduction of Milesight Parking Management
  • New Product Launch: Indoor Parking Guidance Camera
  • How to upgrade your existing indoor parking system to the next level
  • How Milesight achieves the detection of 100 outdoor parking spaces with just 1 camera
  • What unique products we offer for Roadside Parking Enforcement
  • Unlock the secret behind the hot product: 4G Solar-powered Sensing Camera used in parking applications
What else awaits you?
  • Get the first look at our new Indoor Parking Guidance Camera
  • Get a special offer on new product sampling
  • Q&A session directly with Milesight experts


(Beijing, GMT+8)
Time Zone Preferred Duration Language Register
2023/08/23 04:30 PM EMEA/APAC 60mins English Training End
2023/08/24 09:00 PM EMEA 60mins English Training End
2023/08/29 02:00 PM APAC/Oceania 60mins English Training End
2023/08/30 11:00 PM Americas/EMEA 60mins English Training End

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