Impress Your Members: Creating Safer, More Satisfied Gyms with IAQ Sensors


Athletes and the common individual can be at risk when they are practicing exercise in polluted environments. According to a study conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder, during workouts, an athlete’s body produced 3-5 times more emissions than when they were resting. It is crucial to optimize the HVAC systems, ventilation rates and occupants’ behavior in order to reduce the exposure to air pollutants in fitness centers and to potentiate the benefits of sport activities. Gyms need to be prepared to address these issues. IAQ solutions can help gyms assess air quality and improve their customer experience.


Complaints from Members

As awareness of indoor air quality(IAQ) increases, issues raised by gym members regarding ventilation rates, humidity control, air filtration and purification will become common concerns.

Inefficient Operation

With data, managers can analyze and assess HVAC adjustment processes, proactively respond to customer feedback, and anticipate future demands. However, sifting through large volumes of data can be complicated, especially when it comes to integrating different data sources.


The right sensors can precisely monitor the IAQ, generating reports accordingly with the help of cloud platform. Managers then can take action based on data and analysis. Milesight AM103 3-in-1 IAQ sensor can detect CO2, humidity, and temperature. It is compact designed in both outlets and functions. The great thing about it is, the E-Ink displays, presenting all information in real-time for all gym members. For better user experience, users can even select dark or light display mode on AM103. Furthermore, through gateway, all the data can be presented and generated as reports on Cloud platform, allowing the users to control the indoor air quality and to proceed with its improvement by taking the necessary actions.

Featured Product

Milesight AM103 3-in-1 IAQ Sensor



Improved Customer Experience

Knowing you can prevent harmful indoor air and resolve the issue quickly will keep your customers happy. In addition, every customer can instantly see and understand what the indoor air quality is by reading the numbers and seeing the vivid emoticon on the AM103 E-ink screen.

Alerts in Time

When the indoor carbon dioxide concentration level reaches the set threshold value, the device will report the event to the monitoring platform in Cloud or in the mobile app directly.

High Efficiency

Operational efficiency has a great impact on profitability. In the case of a smart building, the building management system (BMS) will automatically adjust the ventilation system based on the collected data from IAQ sensors.

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