Improve Indoor Air Quality in Church with AM300 Series Ambience Monitoring Sensor

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Church with AM300 Series Ambience Monitoring Sensor

Church houses hundreds of parishioners weekly, who all come to practice baptist worship and spiritual preaching. However, churches, like many other indoor places, have direct effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. The massive gathering of people makes indoor air quality poor and makes a higher health risk of getting an infection of COVID-19. Thus, it’s important, more than ever before, to keep indoor air fresh. AM300 Series Ambience Monitoring Sensor is designed to monitor and measure indoor air quality for the church to make a safer space for parishioners.


  • Prevent parishioners from high risk of infection of COVID-19
  • Get insight to decide whether HVAC needs to be modified to bring in additional fresh air or not.
  • Help parishioners stay awake to hear the preaching.


Improve Indoor Air Quality in Church Topology

Existing studies have shown that inadequate ventilation has a negative impact on the control of the spread of Covid-19. Indoor CO2 levels are used to indicate proper ventilation of spaces. Also, high levels of CO2 harm health, like drowsiness, making parishioners unable to hear the preaching focally. Thus, churches need a solution to improve indoor air quality to eliminate negative health effects and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in crowded indoor spaces.

The AM300 Series is specifically designed to monitor and measure carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, ozone, motion, light, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure in indoor environments, such as offices, supermarkets, classrooms, and so on. In this scenario, AM300 Series monitors and measures carbon dioxide to indicate indoor air quality and comfort. Users can set up a LoRaWAN ® network with just one LoRaWAN ® gateway to cover the whole church, then place several sensors around the church to monitor air quality. Whenever air quality reaches the threshold, AM300 Series will show a bad emoticon, display red LED light, emit beeps and send out an alert. In regards to ASHRAE and OSHA, users can gain recommended CO2 levels as a standard to ensure optimal CO2 concentrations and ventilation. In addition, AM300 Series can work with an HVAC system to automatically clean the indoor air.

Featured Product

AM300 Series Ambience Monitoring Sensor


  • Multiple Sensors in One

Milesight AM300 Series can monitor HCHO/O3, CO2, TVOC, PM2.5 & PM10, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light and motion. It’s ideal not only for indoor air quality monitoring but also for many applications such as room occupancy monitoring and lighting management.

  • Improve Air Quality and Reduce Risk

Real-time monitoring and alert to take action to reduce concentrations of CO2, virus, pollen, dust, VOCs and create comfort.

  • High Capacity

One LoRaWAN® gateway can cover the area of a whole church, supporting up to 2000 sensors connections.

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