Reducing COVID-19 Spread in Hospitals through Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

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Indoor air quality continues rising in importance as a public health issue in multiple industry sectors. Considering the current situation, more attention needs to be given into facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through airborne transmission. Research indicates the coronavirus could remain in the air for more than eight minutes after talking. So, the indoor air quality should be frequently monitored and optimized, especially in times of change.

  • Staff have negligible control over nature ventilation, especially the airflow direction
  • Coughing is more ubiquitous, bringing up deep-seated pathogens from the lower respiratory tract in the chest include species of disease, such as COVID-19
  • Pathogens can travel for extended periods through the air and are easily inhaled by patients or staff in a hospital
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Choosing the appropriate source of data is incredibly important as not all will provide the same accuracy and quality. Milesight AM300 Series, a multi-sensing device that contains integrated sensors for temperature, relative humidity, CO2, PM2.5 & PM10, HCHO/O3 and TVOC, while reporting values to the management system to provide real-time air quality monitoring. This is suitable for bench-marking and developing ventilation, filtration, and other indoor air quality management strategies. By connecting sensors and gateways to the cloud platform, the dashboard presents all information in well-organized and illustrated format. Most importantly, it can alert you of unqualified status before it is too late.

Featured Products

AM300 Series Ambience Monitoring Sensor

  • User-Friendly Monitoring Display

Clearing uncertainty for everyone through vivid emoticon indication and traffic light status indicator. Also, AM300 Series is equipped with a built-in buzzer for alarming hospital indoor air quality directly and effectively.

  • Decreased Risks of Pathogens Spread

Deploying LoRaWAN ® solution in hospital to monitor indoor air quality for a frictionless experience in terms of data transmission as well as report analysis.

  • Safer and Better Indoor Environment

Monitoring your indoor air quality 24/7 for better management. It can safeguard your dearest occupants and maintain a healthier environment.

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