5 Things to Know about Milesight IoT Cloud 2.0

We’re excited to share that Milesight IoT Cloud 2.0 (both Web & App) is now generally available! Milesight IoT Cloud 2.0 is a major release providing a more unified operating style, an enhanced new interface for both web and mobile users, and improvements to key features and user experience.


So, what does this new version mean for you, and what other useful functionality should users be aware of in this new release? Here are 5 things you should know about Milesight IoT Cloud 2.0.


1. Navigation Function Reorganization

This change aims to improve navigation efficiency by reorganizing web structure. The new Milesight IoT Cloud 2.0 application provides an all-new user interface based on the professional Ant Design across the dashboard, devices, reports, triggers, and centers. It organically integrated the previous functions of ‘My Devices’, ‘Device Groups’, and ‘Gateway’ all together in one part as ‘Devices’.

2. Enhancements to Device Management

We’ve refined the action of grouping to make it easier and also more secure for customers. With a new UI update, customers can clearly:

  • Group the sensors/nodes/gateways in different tabs among scenarios
  • Review and download historical data of each device through a faster leap
  • Display and monitor the threshold values on the more intuitive interface
  • Get to know the LoRaWAN® signal strength without using other tools
3. New Filtering Labels

Users have greater flexibility in locating abnormal units, controlling the sensors/nodes to each gateway. The new filter labels appear in the upper middle of your device group windows and indicate a device’s status, such as normal, alarm, offline, or inactive. And customers can also save time to classify the gateway associated nodes by the filter labels of Connect, Disconnect, and Connection Failure.

4. Card UI Design Optimization on App

Card UI design helps to enhance the interface on App and user experience. We have optimized the scheme and algorithm to unify the GUI style and faster the interaction speed. For the new customization requirements and feature upgrading, we are capable of achieving them in a shorter period of time to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Additional enhancements on Centers and Dashboard
  • Preview the sensor/node units for sharing with a brief look at the Sharing Center.
  • Withdraw the operation of transferring gateway at the Sharing Center.
  • Use the mouse to drag-and-drop a dashboard to the desired location.
  • Optimize the size of the widgets to display more on a dashboard.

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