Tapping into the Extraordinary Browsing Experience All You Need to Know about the Upgraded Mobile-Friendly Website


The upgraded mobile-friendly website has been rolled out for a week. With a focus on insights sharing, Milesight upgraded the mobile website to demonstrate its real potential and power of the brand. The site structure, the content, and the design are all presented in a smarter, smoother and more comprehensive way. Let’s follow the insider’s point of view and have a closer look at what’s the difference about the new website!


Navigation Bar

Different from the previous division by products series, the new navigation bar is divided by industries and applications to help users better and faster navigate and find applicable products that meet their demands. Especially under the LoRaWAN® sensor category, we have subdivisions such as IAQ, Occupancy & People Counting, Smart Building, Smart Agriculture, Smart Office, and Smart City. For customers who don’t know much about LoRaWAN®, this is a piece of additional information on how LoRaWAN® can be leveraged in many industries.

As an AIoT solution provider, the best illustration of the advantages of our solution is the success stories. The classification of success stories by industries follows the same logic. So when customers want to investigate how our one-stop solution can help or how our products can be integrated into their solutions, they can quickly find similar success stories under the exact category.

The new navigation bar offers a more convenient way to accelerate customer understanding of our products and solutions.


Product Page

Unlike the previous product display page which had a plain structure with everything piled together one by one, the new product page has a more unified and clearer structure. In the past, we often received inquiries from customers about datasheet, user guide and so on. So we have upgraded the structure, dividing a page into three major sections, FEATURES, MODELS and DOWNLOADS to display respectively the features of the product, the technical data table, and the related documents to download.

In the FEATURES section, there are also several navigation tags displayed on the top, presenting a brief summary of the highlights of the product and also a shortcut that leads you to where you are curious about, thus providing a faster and smoother browsing experience.


Download Center

To further enhance the user experience, the structure of the download center has been redefined. In the previous website, software, hardware, and product datasheets and user guides can only be downloaded on separate pages. The new version of the Download Center categorizes all the related materials under the same division based on product. By unfolding one product folder, you can see all the files that can be downloaded. This reduces searching time and makes it easy for users to find the information they need accurately and quickly.




The new version of the website has added an Innovation section that details technologies such as 5G, AIoT, LoRaWAN® and Milesight D2D, reflecting Milesight's technology-focused and innovation-oriented approach. The content in this section also serves as a knowledge supplement to those who do not know about Milesight and these technologies.


Video Center

Videos have always been a useful and effective approach to showcase our products and solutions in the most visual and realistic way. The new Video Center has a “Video of the Month" section, where you can see the hottest videos of the month at a glance. Also, we categorized videos based on the content such as Product Introduction, Videography, Unboxing and etc., and add YouTube playlists in different categories so you can jump directly to YouTube subscriptions and discover more Milesight videos.


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At the bottom of the product display page, we have added a new section of related products recommendation. After skimming over the feature section to grasp the performance and the highlights of the product, and checking data parameters or going to documents download, visitors can go to the products recommendation section including products of the same series or products that can be integrated into a solution, and finally user can contact us if they have any questions. Hence a more complete and flexible user journey is finished with richer content and more options to continue exploration.



Graphic Design

All the pages in the upgraded website have been redesigned, and the UI has a more unified style as well as a chic design. One of the highlights of the upgraded website design is the adoption of videos, which gives users a better browsing experience. Instead of the static image, the banner of the product page use rendering videos, which presents the outlook and details of products in the most straightforward way. 

Functional Design

Adopting responsive design, the upgraded website can adjust and adapt to different screen sizes, whether it’s mini size, or tablets, users can enjoy the same extraordinary browsing experiences. At the same time, the upgraded mobile website uses CDN acceleration to reduce the loading time and further enhance the user experience.


Come and experience the upgraded mobile-friendly website! Enjoy the faster, smoother, more responsive and interactive browsing experience and embrace more insights on 5G, AIoT, LoRaWAN®  and  Milesight D2D.

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