Transform Legacy Monitoring into LoRaWAN® by UC11-N1 Node

The Milesight UC11-N1 intelligent wireless sensor node enables you to quickly and easily create a complete connectivity stack from your legacy sensors or meters to the gateways via standardized LoRaWAN® protocol. It has multiple interface support and I/O control like GPIO, Analog Input, RS232/RS485 serial ports. The Milesight UC11-N1 LoRaWAN® node can adapt virtually any industry-standard sensors and work them smoothly in this wireless sensor networks.



Huge investment on the existing legacy sensors/meters Heavy work to replace the old terminal devices in the field Real-time data is not available Data analysis is slow and process heavy High maintenance fee needed

Featured Product:

UC11-N1  (waterproof LoRaWAN® Node)

UC11-N1 LoRaWAN® Node

The UC11-N1 LoRaWAN® node is designed to transmit digital, analog or Modbus RTU sensor data to any LoRaWAN® compliant gateway devices without replacement of the legacy sensors’ infrastructure. In terms of the energy consumption, it can support three ways of power input. The lithium battery built-in, DC power outlet or solar panel provides ideal power charging ways in different scenarios. And the various power input options allows the free switch between Class A and Class C.

For example, the node device replays ModBus data using the LoRaWAN® network to wirelessly transmit to and from the end devices. This RS485 compatible interface on the device can connect up to 8 terminal devices in theory. So you can get the real time control, monitoring of multiple RS485 terminal devices.

Milesight UC11-N1 together with Milesight's central gateway and Milesight Cloud app, can build a comprehensive wireless industrial field control system.

  • Supports Class A & C
  • Working modes: Polling mode, transparent mode and packet mode
  • Remote cloud management of RS485 devices
  • Can address up to 8 RS485 or 1 RS232, 2 GPIO, 2 Analog sets
  • Support solar panel through DC power input interface
  • Mounting: Wall, DIN rail, Pole mounting


Legacy-Monitoring-LoRaWAN® NodeSolution:

In order to retrofit existing legacy solution, the UC11-N1 node is putting behind various legacy sensors and meters. After installation, a magnet will be used to activate the LoRaWAN® module incorporated in the UC11-N1 node, which in turn connected the device(s) successfully to the network.

The final data and reading is thus sent wirelessly via LoRaWAN® to the central gateway. The node comprising of LoRaWAN® module can cover the wide range of up to 3 KM in urban area and up to 15 KM when line of sight.

Compared with the current legacy systems and monitoring solution, this LoRaWAN® based one can be worked as a value add-on device that can help users to realize the remote monitoring and control of the devices, save more labour works and is easy to install onto the current legacy sensors and meters.

How can you manage the data finally? Same as the other Milesight LoRaWAN® sensors, you can realize the data management on Milesight Cloud platform.

Key Benefits:

1) A Retrofit Device

The UC11-N1 sensor node is LoRaWAN® protocol ready and can work with any brand of LoRaWAN® gateways. The node sits at the intersection by collecting the various types of sensor data with different interfaces.

2) A Time and Cost Saving Tool

System integrators and application developers can find great use of this node as it helps them in minimizing their time to market, keeping the existing legacy infrastructure and application to save the total cost, and bringing maximum utility from their previous investment.

3) Network Intelligence Enablement with LoRaWAN® 

By leveraging cloud computing, artificial intelligence, complicated algorithms, and big data processing, the solution providers demonstrate several data sets to help improve the existing monitoring management.

4) Support for End to End LoRaWAN® Solution

Milesight has built strong expertise in the complete LoRaWAN® Node & Gateway Solution as well as the Milesight Cloud application. We customize the functions on UC11-N1 node according to the specific use case, and provide complete solution coupled with our LoRaWAN® Gateway and Milesight Cloud platform.

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