Milesight CMS's Change Log of Version

Newly added functions and features are equipped in the latest version of Milesight CMS to enhance user experience and make monitoring easier. Let’s be the first one to explore it!


Xiamen, China (July 29th, 2021)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version of Milesight CMS. This updated release includes the new features and optimizations as below.


New Features
(1) Support displaying Event Detection Region on Live View interface. Users can see the detection region directly. The detection region will turn red when an event is triggered. It is compatible with all VCA events and Regional People Counting. This function can greatly enhance the user experience.
a. Support up to 64 channels to display Event Detection Region at the same time. 
b. Support in Live View Screen, Alarm Screen and Full Screen. 
c. Available for cameras and the cameras on the NVR. 
d. Make sure the camera’s version are 4X.7.0.78 or above. 
e. Make sure the NVR’s version is 7X.9.0.12 or above. 
Firmware download link:
(2) Support Tag function of NVR on Playback interface. It supports single-channel tag and multi-channel batch tags for particular time. Users can choose custom tag and quick tag as needed. Besides, users can also download the tagged video files, which allows for convenient file management
a. The function is available for NVR. 
b. Make sure the NVR’s version is 7X.9.0.12 or above. 
Firmware download link: 
(3) Support Two-Way Audio between CMS and NVR. With just one click, users can talk to the NVR's channel or the NVR to which the channel belongs, making it easier to use.
a. Make sure the NVR’s version is 7X.9.0.12 or above. 
Firmware download link: 
(4) Support Saving View of Client-side Dewarping mode. If the user saves the current view as a layout with the client-side dewarping mode that supports dragging the needed area under the fisheye model, it will display this dewarping mode when playing the layout next time.
(5) Compatible with some features in 4X.7.0.78 version or above of Milesight cameras.
① Support Audio File Manager, which can upload audio files. Users can configure the audio for Alarm Action.
② Optimize FTP function and Email function in Network interface, such as adding the FTP Storage Settings to FTP and the Snapshot Settings to Email.
③ Support External Output. Users can set External Output Alarm conveniently.
④ Support the Alarm Settings in External Input and Exception interface. Users can configure the Alarm Settings as needed.
⑤ Support the Auto Reboot. The cameras will reboot automatically based on the preset time.
⑥ Support Schedule Mode for Black/White List on LPR Camera Series. Users can set the license plate to Schedule Mode and choose a custom schedule rule that can configure the license plate as Black List or White List at different times.
⑦ Support Regional People Counting function on AI Camera Series, including configuration and report. It supports up to 4 regions. The statistic reports help the user make the fast and right decisions on security management, which increases work efficiency. Besides that, users can draw polygon detection regions for Region People Counting.
⑧ Support up to 24 Privacy Mask areas on both PTZ cameras and other cameras.
⑨ Increase the number of preset points for all PTZ models from 255 to 300.
(6) Compatible with some features in 7X.9.0.12 version or above of Milesight NVRs.
① Support configuring default Route of Basic Settings in NVR.
② Support pushing ANPR event related message to M-Sight Pro app, including Black List, White List and Visitor List.
③ Support the Auto Reboot. The NVR will reboot automatically based on the preset time.


(1) Add more alarm actions for camera's event on the NVR, which aligns the configuration on the CMS with the NVR. 
(2) Compatible with more functions of devices added via P2P, such as download the SD Card video or NAS video of cameras, configure Snapshot of NVR and so on. 
(3) Optimize the E-Map function and Save View function. 
(4) Optimize other functions.


Bug Fixes
(1) Fix the bug that CMS crash caused by long download time of the video files. 
(2) Fix other bugs.





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