UC11-N1 Product Upgrading — UC500 Series LoRaWAN® Controller Is Upgraded with Smart Idea to Achieve Successful IoT-ready Product

Xiamen, China – December 9, 2020, Milesight, a global IoT solution provider, is committed to providing the most up-to-date and effective IoT product and solution for users to enhance their business productivity and ease of digitalization. And today, we are excited to announce a product upgrading that the UC11-N1 LoRaWAN® sensor node has changed to UC500 series LoRaWAN® Controller.


The newly-upgraded UC500 series not only offers diverse connectivity options for sensors via DI, DO, AI, RS232 and RS485, but also simplifies the method of device configuration from wired to wireless. The UC500 series supplies a selection of modifying device settings via Type-C USB and NFC configuring. To optimize energy consumption, the UC501, a model of the upgrading series, features both solar panel and DC port to connect with DC power or external solar panel, thus to ensure providing the best service and business continuity with a pricewise solution.


  【2021 Q1 Available】

  The fully-fledged sensor-connecting platform keeps most of its enclosure and structure design while the upgrading brings many improvements inside to deliver dynamic and continuous connectivity for sensors. “Better inside, more in sight.” This new version of UC500 series is well-positioned to leverage the value of LoRaWAN® technology with enhanced design and functionality, refined configuration technology, and other features to improve your experience.

Milesight will keep providing reliable, scalable, and secure solutions that enable businesses to quickly integrate cutting-edge wireless technology and help users to connect with confidence.

About Milesight IoT (formerly Ursalink) Milesight IoT was established in 2017. Milesight IoT is a professional IoT company that leverages the top trending technologies to simplify the process of data collection, storage, and retrieval to accomplish the goal: connecting "things" to the Cloud. Learn more at www.milesight-iot.com

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