Milesight’s Wonderful Showcase at ISAF 2021

Milesight has just come back from the extraordinary exhibition ISAF 2021 with great joy. With the eye-catching fancy products, technologies and solutions, Milesight wowed all the visitors once again.


Xiamen, China (October 28th, 2021)-Milesight Technology Co., Ltd. the best-in-class AIoT surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, announces that the wonderful showcase presented together with Milesight local partner in Turkey HAN Elektronik at ISAF 2021 was a great success during October 14-17.


Being one of the most globally known events and the most important meeting of the industry in Turkey, ISAF 2021 is the 25th time that brought all segments of the industry together. With the growing in the area size as well as the amount of exhibitors and visitors every year, ISAF has become the biggest power in the region and the best way to access to the latest trends in the security industry.


Han Elektronik, as Milesight local partner in Turkey, is a long-history, trustful and experienced security solution provider, who is the 3rd most participated exhibitor at ISAF. This time Han surprised its customers with Milesight’s newly introduced cutting-edge technologies and solutions, just like he does every time.


Being Smarter with Milesight AI Video Surveillance Solution
Empowered by AI platform, Milesight full line up of network cameras, including Milesight Mini & Pro Camera Series, AI PTZ Series, AI Panoramic Series and AI LPR Series has been upgraded to a whole new level with highly accurate AI algorithms. Based on Deep-learning Convolutional Neural Networks, Milesight cameras are able to achieve intelligent VCA focusing on human and vehicle events which greatly enhances the monitoring efficiency and accuracy. Till now, Milesight has developed a series of solutions such as People Counting Solution, Advanced Face Detection Solution and Smart Crowd Management Solution that not only help improve the monitoring work but bring benefits beyond surveillance on further business analysis and insights.


When Radar Meets AI ANPR
Milesight is always a first mover that strives for providing more value-added and competitive products to the market. This time, Milesight newly-launched Radar AI LPR Camera was also unveiled at the show. The real all-in-one integrated Radar Camera attracted many visitors. People were amazed at the Radar capabilities, AI LPR algorithms for vehicle feature recognition and superior image quality all integrated into this tiny rugged body. Besides, working with the Milesight closed-loop product Milesight NVR and software, Milesight LPR Series is able to realize comprehensive advanced solutions like Smart Parking System and Smart Traffic Enforcement System and etc.


Feeling New and Fresh in Milesight VMS Enterprise
Taking the advantage of years of accumulated R&D experience on video surveillance, Milesight has formed a comprehensive and closed-loop product portfolio. The launch of Milesight VMS Enterprise, a professional and intelligent video management software for businesses, is an important part of our product strategy. Together with our front-end network cameras, we’ll be more able to provide various value-added solutions to our customers, by keeping deepening compatibility with advanced features like AI, ANPR and etc.


Sensing the Power of 5G+AI+IoT
Another popular section, Milesight AIoT Solution aroused the interest of many visitors. The coming soon Milesight 5G AIoT Camera combines the merits of 5G capabilities, IoT connection and AI processing technologies, making it a high-performing security product among AIoT industry. At Milesight, security camera will no longer just be a monitoring guard that only records videos but an all-rounder that can see, sense and analyze with brains.


"We’re honored to have such a reliable partner in Turkey as Han has always been our close friend to introduce Milesight’s new solutions to Turkey market.” said Elaine Chen, Business Development Manager of Milesight, “After the brand merger with Milesight IoT and Yeastar, Milesight now is energizing to be a bigger and stronger brand that deeply engages in AIoT industry. This year we’re celebrating Milesight 10th anniversary, and we will keep developing differentiated products and solutions for a more connected AIoT world.”



About HAN Elektronik
Founded in 2002, HAN Elektronik is a valuable partner of Milesight in Turkey. The company has been an example of variety innovations, and has given direction to the sector with emphasizing the R&D and has achieved to be a security solution with its registered slogan "Turkey's Security Solution". HAN Elektronik keeps working on protecting the values that it has together with more than 2000 dealers in Turkey-wide.


About Milesight Technology
Established in 2011, Milesight Technology is a high-tech company, specializing in design, developing and manufacture of best-in-class AIoT video surveillance solutions including Network Cameras, NVRs, Software and APP with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market. Learn more at:

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