Advanced C/S Architecture · On-server AI Analytics · Intuitive Live View · Efficient Playback · Scalable Video Wall

OS: Windows 11/10/8/7
Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008

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Milesight VMS Enterprise is a professional and intelligent video management software for businesses. Together with our cameras, it can simplify and freshen up your video surveillance. With advanced C/S architecture, it fulfills your demands and expectations, with rich core functions including live view, record, E-Map, event alarm and smart analysis etc.

Empowered with VMS Server-based AI Analytics

The Milesight VMS Enterprise already has AI capabilities enabled. The intelligent attributes of humans and vehicles can still be recognized and alarmed by the server-based AI video analytics, regardless of whether the front-end IPC is AI or non-AI.

The significance is that it is compatible with a large range of third-party cameras and that it can be easily and quickly integrated into your current project.

Server-based AI Analytics

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Server-based ANPR Analytics

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Unleashing Potential with IoT Connectivity

Milesight VMS Enterprise could collect data from various Milesight IoT sensors, enable remote control and management, and generate actionable insights.

  • VMS Connected with IoT Sensors and Trigger Actions
  • Achieve 100% Anonymous Occupancy Detection
  • Make Lighting Control a Breeze
  • Detect Intrusion and Unauthorized Entry

Everything Handled by Milesight VMS Enterprise

  • Client/Server Architecture

    Support up to 2000-CH per system / 25 servers per system / 128-CH per server

    Designed for Demanding Solutions

    Manage network cameras in different locations

    Multi-client Management

    Multi-user Login at the same time & Multi-client Data Synchronization

    N+M Failover

    Taken over by multiple servers simultaneously without extra slave for storage

    Reliable File System

    Recordings won't be overlapped even the system time is changed to the past


    GPU decoding (main) + CPU decoding (subsidiary) for best hardware efficiency

    Adaptive Streaming

    Adaptive switch between primary and secondary streams

    Multi-disk Recording

    Load balancing & loop overwrite strategy

    Status Display

    Real-time display of system & server running status for health monitoring

  • Simultaneously Playing

    Up to 64-CH per page with self-adaptive layout

    Self-adaptive Layout

    Superior interface flexibility ensures full use of the screen space

    Intuitive Thumbnails

    Locate the specific channel quickly and easily

    Instant Playback

    A quick review of the past 5 minutes video footage

    Foldable Multifunction Panel

    Flexible and multifunctional panels for best usability

    Tour & Tour Plans

    Support Camera Tour and Layout Tour for various needs

    PTZ Control

    Easy PTZ control with PTZ Panel and Presets

    Fisheye Dewarping

    Fisheye dewarping in multiple display modes

    Event Overlay

    Preview the Detection Area & Tracking Box

  • Remote Management

    A simple, powerful way to configure and manage monitors remotely

    Multiple Display Modes

    Support multi-screen and split-screen for centralized monitoring

    Powerful Control

    Support Preset Template and Pushing PC Desktop to Wall for easy operations

  • Multi-Monitor Interface

    Support Live View/Playback/E-Map/Alarm/Full Screen with each working independently

    Unlimited Number of Screens

    Support Multi-Monitor without limiting the number of screens

    Maximized Number of Channels

    Support maximized channels in Live View and Playback Screens

  • Quick Tag

    Quickly tag adding for further searching and easy locating

    Smart Search

    Smart search of motion detection

    Important Video Locked

    Protect the video from being overlapped by locking the selected time period

    Fisheye Playback

    Support dewarping into various Fisheye modes

    Playback Timeline

    Event types are marked with different colors on timeline for easy event playback and quick locating

    Adjustable Playback Speed

    Adjustable speed of forward & reverse playback

    Playback Option

    Support frame-by-frame & event-by-event playback

    Playback Mode

    Synchronous, asynchronous playback or split playback

    Split Playback

    Split one video into multiple clips and play them back simultaneously

    Smart Video Synopsis

    Superimpose moving objects on a stationary background with timestamp

    Thumbnail Retrival

    Display timeline thumbnails and conduct a quick investigation

  • Fast Search & Retrieve

    Export selected video/tag/lock file easily

    OSD of Exported Video

    Multiple kinds of overlays including text, image, timestamp, privacy mask, etc.

    Timelapse Export

    Adjustable speed of exported video for lapse video export

    File Transcoding

    Guarantee fluent video experience

    Multiple Export Formats

    Support various export formats including EXE for best offline playback

    Privacy Mask Overlay

    Ensure the privacy of surveillance recordings

  • VCA Configuration for Milesight Cameras

    Support configuration for all the VCA functions of Milesight cameras

    ONVIF Motion Detection

    Support configuration and triggering alarm actions via ONVIF protocol

    HTTP Event

    Support getting notification and triggering alarm actions via HTTP

    Event Rules & Linkage Alarm Actions

    Easily configure events and corresponding linkage alarm actions on the same page

    Client Trigger Event

    Get client event notification on server

    System & Server Event

    Trigger alarm for the user and server related events

    Event & Alarm

    Improve alarm management efficiency by alarm priority and alarm category

  • Server-based LPR

    Empower existing system with LPR functions

    Vehicle Attributes Recognition

    Recognize the vehicle color, types, region and direction

    Plate Attributes Recognition

    Recognize the vehicle plate’s color and types

    ANPR Settings

    Support various configurations for the best effect of Milesight LPR cameras

    ANPR Preview

    Get quick preview of license plates pushed by front-end devices

    ANPR List Group

    Set the rules and actions for groups individually to achieve flexible list management

    Black/White/Visitor Detection

    Highly accurate detection of Black/White/Visitor plate types for smart gate control

    Linkage Alarm Actions

    Customize the actions triggered by ANPR with Black/White List

    ANPR Smart Search

    Enter corresponding license plate information to get accurate search results instantly

    Radar Data Integration

    Receive data from Radar cameras to realize traffic speed monitoring

  • Interactive E-Map

    Offer a complete visual overview of the devices locations

    Multi-layer Map

    Enhance monitoring performance with multiple map layers

    Map Sharing

    Easily share map with others for on-site deployment

    Camera FoV Visible

    Display and configure the field of view

    Event Alarm Flashing Prompt

    Alarm icon will start flashing when there is an abnormality

    Map Preset

    Locate the specified position quickly

  • Comprehensive Settings

    Custom configuration of client, server, system

    Online Update

    Easily update any client, sever and video wall online

    Device Management

    Add devices via MSSP, P2P, ONVIF, RTSP and Milesight DDNS

    User Management

    Customize the different privileges of roles and users for system security

    Shortcut Key

    Freely customize the shortcut keys as needed

    Device Group List

    Group management according to monitoring needs



Hardware Requirement

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 @2.9GHz or above
  • Memory: 4GB or above
  • GPU: Recommend, discrete graphics card will be better
  • Graphic Memory: 2GB or more Display Resolution: 1280 x 720 or above


  • Windows 7/8/10/11


System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 @2.3GHz or above
  • Memory: 8GB or above
  • HDD: HDD
  • NIC: 1GB or above


  • Windows 7/8/10/11, Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019/2022
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Manage Anytime with M-VMS Mobile


Live View

  • PTZ
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Client Trigger Alarm


  • Adjustable Speed of Forward & Reverse Playback
  • 4-CH Synchronous or Asynchronous Playback
  • Playback by Events & Split Playback

Receive Event Messages from Milesight VMS Enterprise

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