5G and AIoT Paving the Road to Smart Transport in Modern Cities

Almost every day we are facing the same challenge on the way to the office or back home, stuck at traffic lights that never seem to change to green or sitting in queues of cars that stretch hundreds of meters. Finally, after the traffic jam, you arrived at the plant, and searching for a parking spot becomes another problem. It is usually a time consuming and frustrating process that a lot of drivers have to go through almost every day. To better solve this problem, the new technology combined with 5G, sensors, and AIoT enabled cameras can dealing with these transport and traffic issues effectively in a smart way.

5G_AIoT_camera_smart_transport Background

Scenario 1: Traffic observation and situation assessment

The city traffic is 24/7 monitored from the control center to help the operators aid the traffic flow, reduce congestion, and the risk of accidents. Operators make decisions based on the information provided by hundreds of cameras installed on the roads.


The utilization of camera systems for traffic monitoring has become a standard procedure in the smart transport system and has been in use for over 20 years.

  • Cameras are operated locally and data analyzed manually
  • Traditional video storage way leads to information island
  • Jam measures are often slow to respond to changes on roads or weathers
  • Expensive cost of leased lines for data communication

Modern traffic observation and assessment system often make use of a combination of cameras and sensors in the road itself to monitor the traffic density.


Thanks to the rich interfaces, multiple devices can be connected harmoniously to the UR75 router, for example, the max. 4 units of cameras through PoE ports, the sensor through the RS232 port, the traffic info signage through Digital Input and the traffic controller through the RS485 port.

For the safety of data transmission, between the end-points and the control center, we can use the Milesight UR75-5G cellular router, which provides a redundant dual-SIM option and simplifies the process of setting up IPSEC VPN.

Milesight surveillance cameras are connected to the Milesight router via PoE ports. The real-time video feed from the cameras can also be viewed at the control room through the 5G high-speed cellular network. Cameras can automatically read the vehicle numbers when they pass through the control points. The photos are processed and converted into simple text by the camera, and sent to the monitoring center through a secure encrypted IPSec VPN tunnel offered by the Milesight 5G router.

When traffic congestion occurs, or bad weather conditions are sensed, the traffic observation operators are able to take countermeasures to active the predefined settings that reroute the traffic to less crowded roads.

It is true that the design of a compact device to work in any limited space is important, as the router is often installed in cramped cabinets with other electronic devices together, which can be difficult for installation in the field due to their big size.

Thus, using the Milesight 5G cellular router, this will provide fully redundant gigabit connections to the application server for many of our surveillance cameras, sensors, and traffic devices. 


Featured Product

  1. Intelligent Surveillance - the New Era of AIoT Camera
AIoT_camera_surveillance 2. UR75-5G Industrial Cellular 5G Router

5G brings a significantly improved platform to deliver scalable and reliable connectivity to the world. 


1) Time & Cost Saving

Replacing landlines with the cellular router is the easiest and the most cost-saving way for upgrading.

2) Secured Data Transmission

The industrial-grade cellular router provides secure IPSec encrypted VPN tunnels for that remote monitoring.

3) Real-Time Traffic Optimization

It relays on more bandwidth and lower latency that guaranteed by the 5G technology.

4) Service Quality Improvement

The smart traffic management solution can reduce management costs and improve service for both operators and vehicle drivers.

By combining new communications 5G cellular technology and AIoT camera surveillance technology to process mountain like data in real-time, it may be possible to ease our blocked roads and build up smart transport in modern cities. Besides, in the rural areas, we can replace traditional speed cameras by tracking speeding drivers and send information directly to the police in real-time through 5G.

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