Accurate, Reliable and Continuous Weather Monitoring Using Milesight IoT Weather Station Means Less Guessing and More Knowing



Weather has always been extremely variable and hard to predict. Although weatherman from the meteorological department will forecast weather, it has not been accurate and certain enough. That is why people engaged in applications like agriculture, meteorology, forestry, port, railway etc. that rely highly on weather will ultimately have to bear the loss or suffer from the discomfort. But now Milesight rolls out IoT Weather Station which is designed for continuous weather monitoring to ensure that these people are better informed about the weather in advance as well as take necessary measures to avoid significant loss.


  • Accurate weather data to take effective measures
  • Continuous monitoring for weather knowing
  • Data acquisition, storage and analysis

Featured Products

Milesight IoT Weather Station (WTS Series) is an ultimate all-in-one weather monitoring system with WTS Sensors, WTS Hub, and solar panel for various atmospheric conditions including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall (WTS506 only), which is perfectly suitable for weather monitoring in various application scenarios.


Weather Monitoring in Smart Agriculture


For centuries, agriculture has been at the mercy of nature, more specifically on the weather. Now, with Milesight IoT Weather Station, farmers can be better informed about the weather in advance as well as take necessary measures. The weather station gathers real-time and reliable weather monitoring data utilizing LoRaWAN® technology, then transmits these essential data to Milesight LoRaWAN® Gateway. Finally, these insightful data can be handled and analyzed by Milesight IoT Cloud, easily accessible from desktops and smartphones remotely.

Additionally, integrating the IoT Weather Station with Milesight Smart Agriculture Kit will enable you to operating the whole farm and get reliable data faster so you can plan, react, and grow better.

Benefits of Smart Agriculture

  • Accurate, reliable and automated weather monitoring

Gain valuable actionable insights to guide agriculture activities

  • Save time, money and resources

Reduce spraying significantly and reduce manual efforts in collecting data

  • Improve yield and quality of plants

Weather Monitoring in Smart Building


Weather can’t be changed, but once equipped with Milesight IoT Weather Station, you can change how your buildings or home react to it, saving energy, stay safe and comfortable. The IoT Weather Station incorporates all important sensors for monitoring meteorological data including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall in a single compact weather monitoring system. Then these essential data are transmitted to Milesight IoT Cloud through LoRaWAN® gateway to be analyzed and evaluated, acting as a perfect guide for building operations.

Remarkably, the IoT Weather Station can store up to 19,000 sets of historical data records safely. When the connection fails, it will continue to collect and store weather monitoring data. Once reconnected, the data collected during that period will be retransmitted to the gateway, thus avoiding data loss and ensuring data integrity.

Benefits of Smart Building

  • Reliable and real-time weather monitoring

Accurate data are always ready to help you react to environmental changes.

  • Save energy and resources

Integrate the weather station to building automation so that operating the whole building becomes a breeze to save energy.

  • Stay comfortable and safe

Real-time and continuous weather monitoring data is a perfect guide to staying safe and sound.

Apart from weathering monitoring in agriculture and building, Milesight IoT Weather Station is suitable for more application scenarios including meteorology, forestry, port, railway, school and many more. Besides that, the WTS506 that is additionally monitoring rainfall features with high resolution and accuracy, robust aluminum alloy with resistance to rust, corrosion and oxidation, which makes it ideal for weather monitoring for challenging or accuracy-focus environments like flash flood warning, national meteorological monitoring, etc.

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