Achieve Operational Excellence with Milesight AT101: The Professional LoRaWAN® Asset Tracking Device

For asset managers, the capability to timely and accurately track assets is key to operational excellence. Because asset tracking not only provides real-time location and trajectory of the target objects but also contains information where valuable insights can be derived. This is why we introduced Milesight AT101, a user-friendly and professional LoRaWAN® Asset Tracking Device based on advanced asset tracking technologies. By providing accurate and reliable asset tracking capability in various applications such as vehicle tracking on construction sites and in industrial parks, and livestock tracking on farms, we strive to elevate operational performance of our customers.

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Core Functionalities

Fundamental to asset tracking, the accurate position information provided by AT101 is guaranteed to be reliable and trustworthy. Its positioning capability is primarily enabled by GNSS module, which encompasses mainstream navigation systems such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou. On top of it, Wi-Fi scanning provides assistive positioning support in places where GNSS signals are poor. With these two positioning methods in place, users can confidently count on the position information provided.

Moreover, users in different scenarios generally have different needs for asset tracking. This is why AT101 offers three modes for selection. If the users aim to monitor the status of the target object at particular time intervals, Periodic Mode, which allows for reporting interval customization from 1 to 1440 minutes, is available for selection. Alternatively, Timing Mode can help users secure asset status for fixed time periods with up to 5 timer points. In addition, Motion Mode is recommended if the user is particularly concerned about the motion status (stopped/moving) of the object. Additionally, to help safeguard the assets, the geofencing function is incorporated into the sensor. Once the target object travels beyond the designated area, an alarm notification will be immediately sent to asset managers.

Why Milesight Outdoor Asset Tracker


  • Robust Performance

Milesight AT101 is manufactured with exceptional quality to deliver consistent performance against a variety of external factors. The IP67-rated device enclosure guarantees the device can perform reliably in harsh environments and the IK09-rated transceiver ensures a high impact-resistant level.

  • Optimal Asset Protection

Users will be informed promptly when the external temperature changes abruptly or the tilt angle exceeds 20°, indicating occasions where remedial measures should be taken. In addition, for anti-theft purposes, the tamper button on the device board will send an alarm when the button pops up so that any malicious disassembly attempt can be prevented timely.

  • Solid Data Integrity

The device can store up to 1,000 sets of historical data, which is also protected against manual deletion. To further protect data integrity, the retransmission function ensures that the web server receives all the data, even during intermittent network outages. Altogether, these features ensure the quality and integrity of the reported information, which is both traceable and complete. Based on the reliable data, asset managers can derive useful insights that help them achieve operational excellence and cost reduction.

  • Long-lasting Batteries

AT101 - LoRaWAN® Asset Tracking Device is equipped with high-capacity and easily-replaceable batteries. Related to the reporting frequency, the battery is durable enough for typical usage. For reference, the battery life is estimated to be fifteen years for two reports per day and eight years for ten times per day. Also, to reduce power consumption, the device will be automatically disconnected if no data transmission occurs within the first three minutes after Bluetooth configuration.

  • Easy Configuration

With support for both NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, the configuration of AT101 is hassle-free and user-friendly. By downloading the Milesight Toolbox App and activating the NFC or Bluetooth connection on their smartphone, users can conveniently configure the sensor at their fingertips.

Application Scenarios

  • Heavy machinery tracking on construction sites

Construction projects typically involve multiple pieces of expensive heavy machinery working together. By tracking their real-time locations, project managers can coordinate operations more smoothly and avoid incidents. Also, construction companies invest a substantial amount of capital in heavy machinery equipment such as excavators and cranes. Therefore, tracking these assets allows for effective asset management and monitoring by ensuring their proper utilization, maintenance, and security. Moreover, by knowing the location and usage of each machine, companies can optimize their fleet and schedule maintenance and repairs more efficiently. Built with exceptional hardware quality and an alarm function based on temperature and tilt changes, Milesight AT101 can deliver reliable performance in the typically demanding environments of construction sites.

  • Livestock tracking on farms

Livestock such as cattle, sheep, and horses is the foundation of husbandry. By tracking the location of livestock in real-time, any unauthorized movement or theft can be detected timely, thus enabling ranchers to make prompt response to increase the chances of recovering stolen animals. The anti-theft tamper button can prevent unintended disassembly attempts, which further safeguards the livestock. In addition, farmers often need to monitor grazing patterns in order to optimize pasture management, which can be facilitated by the real-time location information and traceable historical data provided by AT101.

  • Tracking of petrol vehicles in industrial parks

Accurate and timely tracking of petrol vehicles in industrial parks is essential for managerial purposes. AT101 allows administrators to remotely monitor the location of the vehicles in a convenient way. The complete location dataset provides a holistic view of vehicle operations. And by analyzing this data, businesses can optimize routes for these petrol vehicles which makes operation smoother and more efficient.

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