Transform Your Workspace into Smart Office with Milesight CoWork Solution

Milesight CoWork Smart Office Solution

In recent years, the workspace and the way we work have gone through a massive transformation, making offices smart. By leveraging smart technology, the smart office can help businesses work more productively and efficiently. To achieve this goal, Milesight offers CoWork Solution to transform your workspace into a smart office to help boost productivity, improve collaboration, reduce energy consumption and enhance security. It aims to build a workspace that works for the present and explore the potential of the future of work.


CoWork Smart Office Solution

Milesight CoWork Smart Office Solution Topology

Build an optimal workspace for employees and company owner is always a daunting task. Milesight offers a turnkey smart office solution for you to solve unenviable office problems and to explore the potential of workspace, including everything you need to build your own applications. CoWork Smart Office Solution consists of several office end devices, one LoRaWAN® gateway and a cloud platform, giving you tools to complete various office tasks, such as vacant meeting room finding, door opening alert, light auto control and so on.

  Typical Applications Room/Desk Occupancy Monitoring

Sometimes, finding vacant meeting rooms and desks is a time-consuming task. Based on advanced AI identification and analysis technology, AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor is designed to solve this problem by monitoring occupancy & utilization, which can reach up to 98% recognition rate and keep 100% anonymous.

  Door/Window Monitoring

Magnetic Contact Switch enables you to simply know when someone enters the office/building through door/window. Instead of using a reed switch, Magnetic Contact Switch integrates a hall effect sensor to detect the opening and closing of door/window, which significantly improves reliability, security and operation life.

  Auto Lighting

By detecting the human presence and light level, WS202 PIR & Light Sensor can work with WS558 Smart Light Controller to automatically turn on/off lights to avoid extra light power consumption which contributes to the high electric bills.

  Standby Power Consumption Reduction

Standby power consumption is imperceptible but overall consumption is unexpectedly huge. Here is the solution: connecting WS52x smart portable socket to appliances and closing them after work.

  Emergency Alert

Quickly sending alerts is vital in many scenarios. Milesight WS101, a LoRaWAN® -based smart button, supports multiple press actions, all of which can be defined by the user to send customized alerts at their fingertips.

  CoWork Smart Office Solution Devices milesight-cowork-smart-office-solution

The Benefits of  CoWork Smart Office Solution Employee Benefits

Smart offices are highly beneficial for employees. The smart office solution truly boosts the employee experience and bring out the best at work by simplifying their day-to-day activities:

  • Quickly jump into a free meeting room or shared desk
  • Quickly control other devices just with one button
  • More to explore, contact us.
  Management benefits

Smart office solution contributes to a great ROI  in several ways by enabling company admins to gain valuable insights from analytics and make data-driven decisions to build a workspace that takes their business to the next level.

  • Shared spaces & meeting rooms optimization
  • Appliances performance and power consumption monitoring
  • Tasks automation
  • Office security improvement
  • More to explore, contact us.

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