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How does Milesight conduct its product strategy, and what motivates Milesight to choose smart building and smart office as the company's primary focus of product development?

Milesight's product strategy is unified through a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. When we plan and design our products, we take into consideration the convergence of technology innovation and environmental responsibility. As we all know, buildings have a huge negative impact on the climate because the construction sector contributes to up to 40% of the world's carbon emissions. This has led to a more efficient and more sustainable way of product design and development in the areas of smart building and smart office. Milesight demonstrates meticulous attention to detail in the specifics of product design. For example, EM320-TH LoRaWAN® Temperature and Humidity Sensor has undergone structural improvements, including the addition of isolation chambers to prevent sensors from interfering with each other, which has significantly improved its operational stability and efficiency. In addition, the IAQ Sensors are designed to resist contact with alcohol, reflecting a consideration of cleanliness requirements from a human-centered perspective.

We recognized that the future of buildings and workspaces is all about being smart and eco-friendly. By combining our expertise in IoT and video surveillance, we have aimed to craft products that not only enhance energy efficiency but also elevate occupant comfort while simultaneously curbing operational costs within buildings. This strategic choice reflects Milesight's dedication to addressing the evolving needs of businesses and contributing to a more sustainable future.


In the field of smart building, how does Milesight achieve straightforward upgrading of older buildings to make them smart?

Milesight Green Building is a brand-new structure that, from its initial design phase, was deployed with LoRaWAN® devices as the smart devices to detect environment data in order to bring comfort to the Milesight team and create an energy-saving ambience for the company. Therefore, Milesight Green Building can be considered a prime example of a smart building.

Moreover, we have significant expertise in retrofitting old buildings into smart ones using LoRaWAN® technology. This is made possible because our products are intentionally designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and infrastructures.

For instance, we successfully deployed 4,400 sensors to upgrade 62 energy-efficient buildings in Canada. In addition, we provided a smart building solution in Shenzhen, China to address the challenge of digital transformation, which strongly proves our product strength in cost reduction and carbon footprint benchmarking.

We are well aware of the typically high costs associated with retrofitting old buildings into smart ones. To tackle this challenge, we have chosen LoRaWAN® technology as one of the core technologies in our strategy. LoRaWAN® technology simplifies the process of installation, configuration, and management of large-scale projects, allowing for reduced labor costs, improved usability and better experience. With the Milesight LoRaWAN® controllers/converters, there's no need to replace the entire system and devices; instead, the existing devices can be effortlessly integrated with a new smart system using LoRaWAN®. Besides, LoRaWAN® devices have significantly prolonged battery life, enabling long-term operation without frequent replacements or recharging. Additionally, many of our products come equipped with NFC for easy configuration and wireless deployment, further enhancing the convenience of deploying our products. This compatibility plays a pivotal role in streamlining the process of upgrading buildings to become smarter and more energy-efficient.


How do Milesight's products contribute to sustainability?

Milesight offers a diverse range of products, including sensors, gateways, controllers, and routers, all geared toward promoting sustainability. Indoor air quality sensors and occupancy sensors, for example, help reduce energy consumption in buildings by continuously monitoring and controlling HVAC and lighting systems based on real-time data. Solenoid valve controllers for irrigation and water leak detection sensors efficiently manage water resources. Smart waste management systems further reduce unnecessary garbage collection trips, saving on fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The incorporation of LoRaWAN® technology minimizes power consumption during data transmission, contributing to reduced overall energy usage. Additionally, our products improve the working environment by improving air quality and comfort, fostering a sustainable workplace culture through increased employee satisfaction.


How do Milesight's products maintain competitiveness in the smart green building sector?

Innovation is the cornerstone of Milesight's competitiveness. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, 5G, LoRaWAN®, and ToF, we ensure our products remain at the forefront of the industry. Our independently developed Milesight D2D technology enables direct communication between LoRaWAN® node devices without a gateway, opening new avenues for efficient device communication. Milesight's emphasis on high compatibility ensures that our products can easily integrate, communicate, and work in conjunction with a wide array of devices and systems, offering flexibility, ease of deployment, and future-ready solutions. For example, our LoRaWAN® Gateways are compatible with BACnet protocol to support a BACnet server to read LoRaWAN® device data.

Furthermore, Milesight prioritizes user-friendliness, simplifying installation, configuration, and usage. For instance, the Milesight AM series IAQ sensors, monitoring indoor air quality in Canadian schools, boast a large-scale deployment capability with each unit requiring just 5 minutes for installation in a classroom.

With a diverse and expanding product range, Milesight caters to a wide array of needs in the smart green building industry. Whether it’s IAQ sensors, occupancy sensors, water leak detection solutions, or smart waste management systems, our comprehensive suite of solutions positions us as a one-stop solution for green building solutions.

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