The Future of Warmth: Smart Radiator Thermostat Innovation Featuring LoRaWAN® Technology

There were global concerns and challenges related to energy shortages and their impact on various regions. However, energy landscape can change rapidly due to factors such as economic shifts, geopolitical events, technological advancements, and environmental considerations. It's important to note that addressing global energy shortages and ensuring a reliable, sustainable, and accessible energy supply is a complex and ongoing challenge. Milesight is continually working on solutions to enhance energy infrastructure, improve energy efficiency, and transition to cleaner and more reliable sources of energy.




Integrating Smart Technologies

While smart thermostats and heating systems can provide more control and energy savings, integrating these technologies into existing heating systems can be challenging.


Balancing Comfort and Efficiency

Striking a balance between user comfort and energy efficiency can be a challenge, especially when users prefer higher temperatures during cold seasons.


Occupancy and Scheduling

Maintaining the right temperature based on occupancy and scheduling can be difficult, especially in spaces with varying usage patterns.


Environmental Concerns

Environmental and sustainability concerns necessitate more efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions.


Lack of Automation

Traditional heating systems that lack automation require manual adjustment, which can be inconvenient and less energy-efficient.


Inadequate Insulation

Poor insulation can result in heat loss, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and forcing heating systems to work harder and consume more energy.



The Milesight WT101 smart radiator thermostat is a device designed to enhance the control and efficiency of heating systems in homes or buildings. These thermostats can be part of a broader smart home or building automation system and offer several advantages over traditional thermostats.

Featuring up to 16 heating schedules available, users can preset the heating control and the easy management of temperature, tailoring your heating schedule to perfection with programmable schedules and precise time periods. Experience more accurate temperature settings throughout the day. The real-time monitoring alerts can send out a notification promptly over LoRaWAN® network once the window is being opened. With anti-frost feature, the device ensures reliability even in colder temperatures, preventing freezing of water pipes and scale coverage, prolonging the lifespan of your heating system. Besides, the device enhances safety for example, the child lock function to ensure a stable and smart environment. The real-time monitoring and data reports can be also realized remotely on Milesight IoT Cloud.

With WT101 smart radiator thermostat, you can enjoy:

Wireless LoRaWAN® Deployment

The WT101 is integrated with the latest technology of LoRaWAN®, which is designed to operate on low power and makes them ideal for battery-operated and remote devices. Also, it supports multiple data rates and modulation schemes, allowing it to adapt to different application requirements and environmental conditions.


Energy Savings

By providing precise control over heating, these thermostats can help reduce energy consumption and lower heating bills. They can adapt to changing conditions and use open window detection to avoid heating when a window is open.


Flexible Temp Adjustment

It supports automatic temperature fall detection and freeze protection. Manual target temperature selection is possible by rotating the outer ring of the device.


Easy and Direct LED Screen

Intuitive and direction adjustment LED display to suit horizontal and vertical installation modes

Display of the temperature setting on the LED screen while adjusting by rotating the device


Anti-Theft Protection

Intuitive and direction adjustment LED display to suit horizontal and vertical installation modes

Display of the temperature setting on the LED screen while adjusting by rotating the device


Remote Control

Smart radiator thermostats can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app. This means you can adjust your heating settings from anywhere, allowing you to preheat your home before you arrive.


Easy Installation:

Installation is often straightforward, with many installation methods offered, eliminating the need for a professional technician.


Smart radiator thermostats are part of the broader trend of smart heating and cooling systems that aim to improve energy efficiency and user comfort. They offer users more control over their heating systems and the ability to reduce energy waste, making them a valuable addition to energy-conscious homes and buildings.


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