Streamline Your Works With These Cool New Features From Milesight IoT Cloud 2.1

We’re always looking to see what we can do to make improvements here at Milesight IoT Cloud platform and lately, we’ve been quite busy! 

We thought it was about time that we update our subscribers on some of the features, both recent and from a while back that can really help you to make the most of Milesight IoT Cloud for streamlining and managing your IoT devices in the field.

We get a lot of questions from interested people, so, besides a recent update to the brand name, logo, and hosted web URL, let’s look at some of the recent features that you can use to maximize your experience with Milesight IoT Cloud:

free-tria-cloud 1. New Brand/Logo/URL 

Let’s start with the changes brought by the merger of Milesight and Ursalink. You can continue to enjoy the services with the new brand, icon, and URL as below:

2. Sharing Devices & Dashboards 

  • Unregistered user account generation for device sharing

If you’d like to share sensors/nodes to an unregistered email account from Web or App, different from the old version “Couldn’t find this Account”, now you can add it into the contacts and assign permissions directly, and then send an invitation link by email. The invitee can easily manage the shared devices after registration. This feature also works with “Transfer Device”.

  • Share dashboards via links

This is another feature that our users frequently requested. If you go to the dashboard and click on “Share”, you can generate a link to share all the info on the dashboard with others. Also the authority “View” and “View&Control” and the effective period from one day to indefinite give you the utmost flexibility for sharing.


This is awesome if you choose “View & Control”, so your invitee can control the light’s turning on/off through a digital output interface and see the status changes online. And most importantly, the widgets on the dashboard can not be moved, deleted, or modified through sharing links, to maintain the integrity of information in the dashboard.

If you are a distributor of Milesight, it’s a big loss to miss this newly added feature. Because your channels/end users can find how Milesight IoT Cloud works exactly even without an account.

  • Pie Chart

New options for the pie chart widget to record only the devices in the current dashboard or all devices in this account, which is conducive to refined management.


3. Device Maintenance

If you are an admin, I think you may be troubled with the situation when a sensor device was broken, you have had to replace it not only in the field but also in the Cloud, every dashboard, and in the device group where this unit is contained. Sometimes, you may even forget where it has appeared in the Cloud.

Now with the new feature “Device Replacement by Serial Number”, you can easily replace it at all the places in one go. The new unit will inherit all the historical data from the broken device.

If you get a wrong gateway where many sensors/nodes are registered, in the old version you have to delete all the sensors and do it again with the right gateway. Now you can just replace the gateway with SN for time-saving. The original configuration and historical data are still there in the Cloud except for the changes in SN.


This feature also works with the broken gateway. All the registered sensors/controllers will auto-register to the new gateway when it is powered on.


4. What's Next in the 2.1 version?

Besides the above new features, you can get a better user experience from optimization.

  • Spreading Factor (SF): Display SF value of LoRaWAN sensor for the convenience of technical services
  • Filtering: Find devices quickly according to the Group filter or your inputs(device name/SN) to download historical data or receive regular reports.
  • Time zone: For UC3x cellular controller users, you can set up the timing tasks according to your own time zone.  

We’ve been working hard on integration and other features that will help Milesight IoT Cloud users to have a productive day using the app and Web. We’re always interested in feedback, so hit us up with your thoughts! 

If you are interested in Milesight, please leave us a message.

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