Reduce Guest Complaints by Noise Monitoring for Hotels with Milesight Sound Level Sensor

reduce guest complaints by noise monitoring for hotels with milesight sound level sensor Each day there are more than a million people in hotel rooms around the world with the expectation to spend their time in a quiet and relaxing environment. However, noise is a pet-peeve for hotels and guests. According to WHO, it should be no more than 30 dB. Otherwise, it stops guests from falling asleep or sleeping well. Also considering noise as one of the top concerns for guests, Hotels can benefit immensely from noise control. In this case, Milesight WS302 Sound Level Sensor - a noise monitoring device can offer remote and real-time noise monitoring for hotels.


The air around us is constantly filled with sounds but noise doesn’t receive as much attention as other pollutions, such as air pollution, or water pollution. What’s more, loud noise can create physical and psychological stress, reduce productivity, and interfere with communication and concentration. Noise is the most frequent complaint from hotel guests. Loud noise in the hotel will cause a bad experience for guests, resulting in losing their loyalty and receiving bad reviews on the booking website.

However, setting up a noise monitoring solution is always not easy. Usually, it requires: - Real-time monitoring and alert 7*24 - Easy installation and configuration - Low maintenance cost

Featured Product

Milesight WS302 Sound Level Sensor


WS302 is a half-palm-size noise monitoring device with a minimalistic and modern design which makes it blend into various types of hotel rooms. It can take less than 10 minutes to install and set up WS302. By installing Milesight WS302 Sound Level Sensor in each guest room and other facilities, administrators will receive an immediate alert when a customized noise threshold is triggered, enabling admins to proactively handle noise issues before it results in noise complaints and unwanted conflict. Remote and real-time noise monitoring is a cost-effective method to reduce potential risks, save unwanted costs and win a reputation.

noise monitoring for hotel topology Benefits

  • Take Beforehand Action for Noise

Real-time monitoring and alert 7*24 to prevent noise disturbances or complaints. 

  • Privacy Safe

Milesight noise monitoring device only monitors sound levels. It will never record any sound. 

  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance Cost

Empowered by LoRaWAN technology, it’s easy to set up a LoRaWAN network to cover the whole hotel. Low power consumption makes it a more than 4 years-long use life without maintenance.

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