LoRaWAN® Sensing Technology Turns Smart Toilet into More Comfort and Better Experience

Smart Toilet


Public toilet is one of the most frequently used facilities in every sector, especially in office buildings. Usually, its overall presentation can leave a lasting impression on your visitors, for example, the cleanliness of toilet spaces affects the choice of shopping venues to shoppers. Therefore, smart toilet construction is an important indicator of the degree of civilization for a city or even a country, and also is related to public health. Due to the increasing concern on public health, Milesight would love to contribute its power to help with this problem.


The main aspects needed to be addressed of toilet facility include:
  • Reduce queues and waiting times
  • Keep a toilet clean and stocked
  • Ensure facilities are operating effectively
  • Monitor alerts for assistance in disabled facilities

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The utilization of LoRaWAN® and sensing technologies create an opportunity for developing the smart toilet. This solution consists of LoRaWAN® devices such as ambience sensors, Smart button, gateway, and cloud management platform. The AM107 includes multiple built-in sensors, such as temperature, humidity, activity level (PIR), CO2, TVOC, barometric pressure, and light, which offers real-time monitoring for ambience conditions and utilization rate of the toilet, while the AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor can help to indicate whether the specific room is being occupied. By installing the Smart button, the elderly and the disabled person are easy to gain instant help when encountering an emergency in the toilet.  All sensors’ data are received by LoRaWAN® gateway and sent to Milesight IoT Cloud or other third-party servers.

Application Example

smart toilet


  • Reduce cost on energy and labor
  • Schedule maintenance in time with high efficiency
  • Facilitate people in need with friendly user-experience
  • Improve space utilization & cleanness

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