Boost the Adoption of 5G Connectivity in Real World - The Applications of Milesight Plug-and-Play 5G Dongle

UF31 5G Dongle Applications Background

While many countries have already embraced 5G deployments and trials and are actively moving forward with their digital transformation, but most of enterprises and organizations are not going to make the shift to 5G at the bleeding edge of adopting new technology. The reason for this situation mainly has two respects:

  • High cost of 5G devices
  • The complexity of retrofitting old equipment

To address these concerns, Milesight designed UF31 5G Dongle that is dedicated for providing 5G connectivity for existing equipment and machines with competitive cost and minimum technical requirements.

Why Milesight UF31 5G Dongle?

UF51 5G Dongle

  • Fast Cellular Connectivities

Support 5G Sub-6, TDD/FDD 4G LTE, and WCDMA network

  • Plug and Play

Integrate into Linux and Windows based devices without configuration

  • Palm Size

90 × 72 × 15 mm dimension, easy to be installed into the interior of most equipment and machines

  • Industrial-Grade Design

Rugged metal enclosure with -20°C to +50°C operating temperature   With these powerful capabilities, Milesight UF31 5G Dongle could be used for many applications.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

When Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) connect to a 5G network, they open new capabilities and efficiencies. AGVs have been cruising industrial floors for decades but were originally designed to operate over Wi-Fi, limitations existed from the start. If an AGV detected a potential collision, it stopped and had to be manually cleared by a person to resume operations. With ultra-fast 5G connectivity provided by UF31 5G Dongle, AGVs can utilize navigation algorithms, lidar sensors, vision technology and virtual map sharing to detect objects, think on their own and move autonomously through facilities. Wi-Fi cannot support these advanced machines with the seamless coverage and high data transfers needed to operate in sprawling environments.

Digital Signage

Digital signage itself has evolved in the last few years with most users switching to cloud-based software solutions. A cloud-based solution will mean that all of media players, screens, and contents will rely on an Internet connection. 4G connection has been used in digital signage projects frequently with a high level of success., However, in some cases like in a concert or a sporting event, the signage may slow down to download new content because many people are also using their own 4G connection around. That problem would be disappeared with the help of UF31 5G Dongle., 5G massive connectivity offers a dozen times of connection than 4G., With a 5G connection, the digital signage should be able to quickly download new content no matter how high the frequency is of 5G. Besides that, the increase of download speeds is likely to bring a trend of higher quality content as well as an ocean of possibilities for digital signage.


Robots are an enormous asset to the manufacturing industry already, and with 5G, they will be of even greater value. Here’s why. Modern robots have become smarter and more able to adapt to their environment and to changing circumstances. To do this, they need a large number of sensors, which takes up a lot of bandwidth. Using 5G, this sensory input can be transferred to the cloud, where computing capacity is virtually unlimited. UF31 5G Dongle can connect the cloud-based intelligent data processing to robots and the motion controllers with high speed and low latency, which makes robots smart and more efficient. UF31 5G Dongle Application Topology

Combining the high-speed 5G connectivity and easy deployment design, Milesight UF31 5G Dongle is also perfectly capable of applying into the applications in which the 4G technology has been proven like ATMs, vending machines, and a range of other self-service terminals.

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