WT30x Smart Fan Coil Thermostats Transform Comfort with Efficiency and Energy-saving Unleashed


As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to redefine the way we interact with our surroundings, LoRaWAN® technology is making significant strides in the realm of smart home devices. In this blog, we'll explore the innovative world of LoRaWAN® Smart Fan Coil Thermostat, highlighting the benefits and features that are propelling home climate control into a new era of efficiency and connectivity.


Understanding LoRaWAN® Technology

LoRaWAN, or Long Range Wide Area Network, is a wireless communication protocol designed for efficient, long-range communication between low-power devices. It operates on the sub-gigahertz frequency bands, providing an extended range compared to traditional wireless technologies. The LoRaWAN Differs from Other Wireless Technologies is the distinctive features that set LoRaWAN apart, such as its low power consumption, long-range capabilities, and suitability for connecting a vast number of devices.




In the absence of Smart Fan Coil Thermostat, homeowners and businesses face a range of challenges that impact their comfort, energy efficiency, and overall climate control. As we explore the limitations of traditional thermostats, it becomes evident that the introduction of smart technology is not just a luxury but a necessity in addressing these common hurdles.


Limited Control and Precision

Traditional thermostats provide basic temperature control but lack the precision needed for personalized comfort. Users often find themselves making manual adjustments, leading to inconsistent heating or cooling throughout the day.


Inefficient Energy Consumption

Traditional thermostats operate on simple schedules or manual adjustments, resulting in inefficient energy consumption. HVAC systems may run longer than necessary, leading to higher utility bills and unnecessary wear and tear on equipment.


Limited Connectivity and Remote Access

Traditional thermostats offer little to no connectivity, making remote access and control impossible. Users are unable to adjust settings or monitor their HVAC systems when away from home or the office.


Revolutionizing Indoor Climate Control with Mileisght WT30x 

In a groundbreaking development that promises to reshape the landscape of home climate control, leading technology innovators have unveiled the next evolution in smart HVAC solutions: LoRaWAN® Smart Fan Coil Thermostats. Leveraging the power of Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN®) technology, these cutting-edge thermostats bring unprecedented connectivity, energy efficiency, and control to residential and commercial spaces.


Milesight WT30x LoRaWAN® Smart Fan Coil Thermostat ensure seamless connectivity over extended ranges, overcoming previous limitations in large residential buildings. The technology's long-range communication capabilities enable reliable data transmission, ensuring consistent and responsive climate control.


By harnessing the low-power attributes of LoRaWAN®, these smart thermostats contribute to substantial energy savings. Users can expect optimized heating and cooling cycles, reducing overall energy consumption and environmental impact. Building energy simulation conducted showed that modulation control could save over 50% fan coil units (FCUs) fan energy compared with cycling on and off. The modulation control can also maintain a higher chilled water at part-load conditions, leading to over 50% savings in pump energy and more efficient chiller staging


The WT30x Smart Fan Coil Thermostat seamlessly integrate with existing smart building systems. This integration enhances interoperability, allowing users to create a comprehensive and interconnected smart home or commercial environment.


Product Highlights:

  • LoRaWAN® Based for Wireless Transmission
  • Compact Size Design with Easy Installation
  • Compiled with 2-Pipe FCU with up to a 3-Speed Fan
  • Temperature Adjustment Available
  • Support Pre-set Date Period with Programmable Schedules
  • 86mm Hidden Box and European 60mm Round Box Available



The Milesight WT30x Smart Fan Coil Thermostat is an advanced touch screen room thermostat, offering access to parameters such as system mode, fan mode and temperature setpoints. Valves and auxiliary electric heaters can be controlled using a relay or contactor system switch controlled by the thermostat. It can be used in a variety of building applications, including hotels, schools and offices. It is designed with user-friendly installation in mind. A straightforward setup process ensures quick deployment, making them accessible to both homeowners and commercial property managers.


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