Ursalink UG87 LoRaWAN® Gateway Becomes a Certified Member of Alibaba Cloud IoT Link WAN

XIAMEN, CHINA, February 28, 2019 – Ursalink, a manufacturer of M2M/IoT products, is thrilled to announce that its UG87 LoRaWAN Gateway has been certified with Alibaba Cloud IoT Technical Certification! ug87-LoRaWAN-gateway-alibaba-cloud-iot

Alibaba Cloud IoT Technical Certification

Alibaba Cloud IoT Technical Certification (AITC) provides technical certification services with IoT partners to help accelerate their business.


Alibaba Cloud IoT Link WAN

Alibaba Cloud Link WAN is a device management platform on Alibaba Cloud that enables developers of IoT applications to implement two-way communications between end devices (such as sensors, final control elements, embedded devices, and smart household electrical appliances) and the cloud by creating data channels.  

Ursalink UG87 LoRaWAN Gateway

As a member of LoRa Alliance, Ursalink UG87 LoRaWAN® Gateway not only carries out its peerless performance with the integration of NS and compatible with 3rd Party NS such as TTN and Loriot, but also offers End-to-Cloud solution for a wide spectrum of LoRaWAN® Applications.  

Product Performance

  1. Easy to use: Intuitive Web GUI configuration
  2. Plug and Play: Integrates NS server and compatible with 3rd Party NS such as TTN, LORIOT
  3. Smooth communication: complies with LoRaWAN® protocol V1.0/V1.0.2
  4. Comprehensive Interface: supports connections via DI/DO, RS232, ETH, GPS, Wi-Fi
  5. Reliable connection:  fail-over between cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi
  6. Secondary Development: features Python SDK, SSD and Micro SD storage expansion
  7. Global Band Frequency: available at 470/868/902/920MHz, etc.
  8. Secured Data Transmission: supports IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, DMVPN, GRE
  9. Industrial Design: wide operating temp at -40 to 70 with IP67 optional

Application Environmentug87-LoRaWAN-gateway-alibaba-cloud-iot

  About Ursalink At Ursalink. we are passionate about the connectivity of “things” to the cloud. We leverage the value of the top trending technologies that transform the world we live in and are committed to our partners who share the same passion. We believe that the complexity of data collection, storage and retrieval can be simplified into the Cloud-intelligence. Our development and distribution of these appliances and services demonstrates our commitment to the digital transformation and continues to deliver compelling connectivity for IoT world.   About Alibaba Cloud Founded in 2009, Alibaba Cloud is the world’s leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company, providing services for companies, developers and governments in more than 200 countries. In January 2017, Alibaba Cloud became the global designated cloud service provider for the Olympic Games.

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