IAQ Insights EP02: Products Extend String of Favors Among Global Customers

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Xiamen, China, September 29, 2022 –As a fast-growing and innovation-driven technology company, Milesight announced a large-scale IAQ deployment in public schools in Quebec, Canada. In addition, Milesight successfully launched 3-in-1 IAQ sensors and 9-in-1 IAQ sensors, a series of demanded products in global markets. So, we sat down with Adam HAN, Milesight’s Product Manager, to discuss the product design and the stories behind it.

quesstion mark In this IAQ case in Canadian public schools, not only were 47,000 IAQ sensors deployed, but positive feedbacks were also received. And we’ve noticed that the products are different from the standard version. Could you elaborate more on this?

Sure. The IAQ products, sensors and gateways, were tailor-made for this project in order to fit the local situation and requirements. Though standard products are normally what we offer, customized ones are often the case for Milesight because we work with different types of customers across the globe. Over the years, we were glad to witness number of inspiring IAQ projects be landed in so many countries and regions, such as British, Australia, Canada and so on.

Based on our years of experience, flexibility is one of our expertise. Our team responds to customer demands and needs quickly. For such a scaled project, we pull out special tech and product team to drive customized needs, whether on hardware or software. Milesight’s hardware R&D capabilities and software expertise from our valuable partner led to a very complete and unique solution specially made for schools in Quebec. As a product manager, it is the happiest and most fulfilling moment when your product is helpful to customers worldwide.

quesstion mark Following the success of the 7-in-1 IAQ sensor, were there any takeaways or features from that device that inspired the research and development later?

Absolutely. From the very beginning, we wanted to provide an IAQ sensor that was easy to use for every occupant and building manager. In order to achieve this, the way the data is presented and managed needed to be straightforward. Our device, therefore, integrates several sensors in one which is also equipped with an E-ink screen and NFC configuration. Additionally, it is capable of operating for several years without changing batteries. All these features were so popular with our customers that we have retained them on other IAQ sensor models.

We wanted to roll with that success and constantly optimize IAQ solutions with simplicity and practicality in mind. Over the past few years, we have developed a sophisticated line of IAQ sensors and solutions. We bring several exciting features on our IAQ sensors. Vivid emoticon indication is what I want to stress here. It is truly workable for even children can instantly tell what the air quality is by the smiley or sad emoticon on the display. Beyond that, we also adopt a traffic light indicator and a built-in buzzer so as to inform users timely. For better user experience, customers can even select dark or light display mode on our product.

Customers can set thresholds for any relevant key parameters of air quality, such as temperature, CO2 concentration, PM2.5 and PM10 etc. When it reaches a certain level, the emoticon will change accordingly. For example, let’s say I've set the threshold for CO2 on AM319 and see a smiley face of 'excellent'. I would know that the CO2 concentration level in my space is at a reasonable level.

quesstion mark  In IAQ product portfolios, what Milesight can offer is quite rich, from 3-in-1 IAQ sensors to 9-in-1 IAQ sensors. What led to the decision to go with all these models?

As the environment changes, so does the market. AM107 is loved for multiple sensors in just one device. But we’ve noticed that our customers also have specific needs under some scenarios. So, we offer a more flexible portfolio of IAQ solution based on research and customers’ feedback. For customers who are in an environment where CO2, TVOC, barometric pressure, and PIR should be checked frequently, then the AM107 is still a better match. But for users who concern about CO2, humidity, and temperature only, our latest one, AM103/AM103L 3-in-1 IAQ Sensor, is what they are looking for. It is compactly designed in both outlets and functions. For more comprehensive understandings, the AM319, a 9-in-1 IAQ sensor would be a stronger candidate because it can detect PM2.5 and 10, HCHO and O3. Of course, some customers can be confused by the choices. That's why we have prepared the iBox IAQ Kit so that they can enjoy a one-stop IAQ solution that includes the fullest range of models possible.

If we are looking into a bigger picture, such as smart building, the IAQ solution can do so much more. For example, within a space, if the CO2 value is above the reference value, to maintain within the threshold levels, alerts can be delivered and the HVAC can be adjusted quickly. From there the occupants and building managers are given a bird’s eye view of every sensor in every location and can generate reports, charts, and audit logs. What’s more. with data-driven analyzes, building managers could save on unnecessary energy costs through an effective schedule for HVAC. And it all starts with our one good IAQ sensor. After all, choosing the appropriate source of data is incredibly important as not all will provide the same accuracy and quality.

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