Navigating the IoT Revolution with Milesight at Salon IBS


Xiamen, China, November 2, 2023 Milesight, a global sensing products provider, took highly participated in the exhibition of Intelligent Building Systems (IBS) in France, which was held at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from October 17 to October 18, and showcased cutting-edge innovations, from LoRaWAN® intelligence breakthroughs to eco-friendly tech solutions.


Intelligent Building Systems (IBS) in France, also known as "Systèmes Intelligents du Bâtiment" in French, refer to the integration of various technologies and systems within buildings to enhance efficiency, safety, and overall performance. These systems are designed to optimize energy consumption, enhance security, and improve the comfort and well-being of occupants.

The adoption of intelligent building systems is growing in France and around the world as a means to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort, and meet sustainability goals. Many companies and organizations in France specialize in the implementation and integration of IBS technologies, and there are often exhibitions, conferences, and events related to smart building technologies and innovations where you can learn more about the latest developments in this field. 

This time, Milesight has joined hands with its partner, EBDS, to contribute significantly to the LoRaWAN® building and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Solution. The two companies have entered into a years-long business partnership and shared the common commitment and passion for Smart IoT solutions. Their expertise in IoT systems aligns perfectly with Milesight business goals and vision for the future.



Demonstrating with Green Tech Initiatives -Smart Building Solution

Smart building solutions refer to the integration of various technologies such as LoRaWAN® and systems within a building to enhance its efficiency, sustainability, security, and overall functionality. These solutions leverage data and connectivity to make buildings more responsive and adaptive to the needs of occupants and operators. Sustainability was a key theme, with numerous products showcasing eco-friendly innovations. For example, Milesight helps reduce energy consumption by monitoring and controlling energy usage over LoRaWAN® network. The

AM100 series and AM300 series IAQ sensor, VS121 AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor, VS330 Cubicle Occupancy Sensor, VS34x Desk and Seat Occupancy Sensor, and VS133 AI ToF People Counting Sensor, allows building operators to monitor and control the indoor air quality, workplace layout, people counting, and seat occupancy, which can lead to a further data analytics, and make informed decisions.

Smart building solutions are rapidly evolving and are becoming increasingly prevalent as organizations and building owners seek to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability while improving the occupant experience. These systems can be applied to various types of buildings, including commercial offices, residential properties, industrial facilities, and more.

Milesight offers an efficient and cost-effective LoRaWAN® solution for a wide variety of IoT applications, particularly those that demand long battery life, broad coverage, and low operating costs. It has gained significant traction in the IoT industry and continues to be adopted for a range of use cases, such as smart building and IAQ Solutions.




About Milesight

Milesight is a fast-growing high-tech company that delivers smart IoT and video surveillance products, that focuses on IoT technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G and LoRaWAN®, since 2011. With the enhanced sensing capabilities and advanced IoT insights, we help customers around the world in optimizing their business operations in a more efficient and sustainable manner. In collaboration with a global network of distributors and system integrators, we are committed to building open ecosystems and accelerating IoT strategies to a whole new level.



About EBDS

EBDS Engineering is present on the BO detection market for quite a number of years. Thanks to its great experience in this field, especially with its « Martine » system, well appreciated by its users, EBDS Engineering is now proposing a brand new developed BO detection system called “Emerald”. Even though it has kept the “good points” of the old Martine program, it is totally different and suppresses all the downsides of its older sister. It is much more performing, integrates a lot more of detection calculations, uses a brand new user web interface, and incorporates a lot of important new features. This new program re-defines the standards in Sticker BO detection. Take the time to go through its characteristics in our section Products/Emerald BO detection.


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