Connectivity with Inspiration: Milesight Named in China’s AIoT Industry Architecture Report

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Xiamen, China – March 16, 2022, Milesight, along with Huawei and other outstanding companies, was named as a Communications Layer Company in the China’s AIoT Industry Architecture Report. Launched by IoT Think-Tank, unveiled at the China AIoT Annual Conference in Shenzhen, this prestigious annual report has been widely recognized as a comprehensive demonstration of the overall landscape of China's AIoT industry. As a selected company, Milesight also showcased its AIoT solutions at the conference, delivering an immersive experience for participants.

The China’s AIoT Industry Architecture Report covers a total of six layers: Product, Edge Computing, Communication, Cloud Platform, Application and Services. Among these, the Communication Layer Company is mainly referring to the network and communication solutions dedicated to connectivity in the AIoT industry chain, connecting terminal devices, edges and clouds. In the near future, more flexible wireless network connectivity will become a more popular and in-demand option in the market, considering the growth rate of the number and type of IoT devices and the richness of application scenarios.

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Milesight (Chinese: 星纵智能) named as a Communications Layer Company in the China’s AIoT Industry Architecture Report

At the China AIoT Annual Conference, Milesight has won the “AIoT Innovation Corporate” Award with motivational Smart Business Park Solution. The Award has nominated the corporates they believed to be relatively active in terms of open innovation across the AIoT industry spectrum. Through years of hard working, Milesight has many successful landing cases with inspiring effects in core fields such as smart city, smart education, smart security, smart agriculture and smart factory.

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The “AIoT Innovation Corporate” Award Milesight Won

Hank ZHENG, Milesight’s VP for China Market, spoke at the Smart IoT and Application Forum, where he shared insights on how Milesight is leveraging LoRa technology to achieve its Smart Business Park solution through landing cases and success stories.

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Hank ZHENG, Milesight’s VP for China Market, spoke at the Smart IoT and Application Forum

“Milesight’s Smart Business Park Solution integrates smart education, smart office and smart buildings, practically and seamlessly forming a synergistic network of intelligent interconnection of everything." said ZHENG.” Utilizing LoRaWAN® technology, the signal of Milesight devices can cover an area of more than 10 kilometers in the open area, and 1-2 kilometers in the business park. Our solution is designed to achieve the best possible outcome.”


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