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Utility providers deploy smart power meter reading everywhere to automate the task of data collection. As IoT brings tremendous advances in a wireless network, most utility services have started to integrate cellular connectivity into end devices and allow users to easily monitor and record end devices.

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To speed up this process, Milesight puts its hand to leverage metering data while minimizing the impact on workflow to help our partners thrive in businesses. By connecting physical assets to the control center over the cellular network in the outdoor working environment, Milesight works with Promethean Energy together to make the metering system more flexible, scalable, and interoperable.


Milesight helps the partner to enable device-to-dashboard connectivity and turns its digital insight into a strategy-based initiative in India.


The project focuses on establishing a connection between meters and the control center. Users can find it an important source of data collection and enable the rapid and frequent reading and control of meters, making systems more responsive, resilient and efficient with Milesight solution.


Hardware List


This solution contains RTU, Power Meter, Cellular Controller (UC3252), and AWS IoT. The UC3252 enables communication with power meters and RTU, collecting and transmitting data to the AWS IoT platform (How to Control UC3x with AWS IoT) for analysis over the cellular network. Users can remotely control DOs of Modbus RTU, get better visibility into energy consumption, and send commands to the end devices on the platform via MQTT protocol.


Streamlined Operation

It is usually complicated to connect every brand of end-devices to a Cloud platform. However, with UC3252, it will be easier to take control of nodes, address energy challenge and realize power meter reading.

High Performance at Scale

The AWS IoT Platform gives users a secure and flexible framework that will enhance operation efficiency. Users can read data on the platform with UC3252, and send commands to end nodes with defined topics and legible message formats.


About Promethean Energy

Promethean Energy builds unique waste heat recovery solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

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