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Milesight Delivered AIoT Solutions to Help Create a Smart AIoT Education Training Room at Chengdu Neusoft University in Sichuan

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to develop and mature, the demand for professionals with expertise in this field is rapidly increasing. By providing industry-specific education, colleges and universities can help meet this demand and prepare their students for successful careers in the AIoT industry. Milesight, with its accumulated and precipitated experience in the IoT industry over the years and its self-developed IoT products, joined hands with its partner, Shanghai Sirui Information Technology Co., Ltd., to help the Chengdu Neusoft University build Smart AIoT Education Training Rooms and create a standardized IoT curriculum system. The project has improved the overall intelligence level of the college and enabled students to better integrate into the practical learning of professional courses.


High concentrations of carbon dioxide and poor ventilation in the office cause drowsiness and low efficiency among the staff.

The traditional server room is prone to failure due to water leakage, high temperature and humidity, resulting in irreparable losses.

Meeting rooms need to be checked the availability one by one, and after the meeting, the appliances were not turned off in time, resulting in energy waste.



AIoT Solution Demo in the Classroom

To address these challenges, the following solutions were implemented at Dongruan College. In those solutions, Milesight's Magnetic Contact Switch, Smart Portable Sockets, AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Sensors, IoT Controllers and LoRaWAN® Gateway, etc. are integrated to create  Smart Meeting Rooms, Smart Server Rooms and Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitoring.


Smart indoor air quality monitoring system: this system monitors indoor air quality in real-time, including temperature, humidity, PM2.5, CO2, etc. When the air quality is poor, the system will automatically adjust the ventilation to improve the indoor air quality.

Smart server room monitoring system: this system monitors the temperature, humidity, and water leakage of the server room in real-time. When the temperature or humidity exceeds the threshold, or water leakage is detected, the system will automatically send an alert to the relevant personnel for timely handling.

Smart meeting room management system: This system monitors the use of meeting rooms in real-time. When the meeting room is not in use, the system will automatically turn off the appliances to save energy.

AIoT Solution Demo in the Class

With these solutions, the efficiency and energy efficiency of the Smart AIoT Education Training Rooms at Chengdu Neusoft University have been greatly improved, and the risk of server room downtime has been greatly reduced. The students have also benefited from the project, as they can now better integrate into the practical learning of professional courses and gain a deeper understanding of IoT technology.


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Key Benefits

Monitor the temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, TVOC and other environmental indicators in office areas and campus to ensure a high-quality environment. And timely warning will be triggered when abnormalities are found.


Through real-time monitoring of the indoor environment and water leakage, it can avoid machine failures due to high temperature and water leakage.


It’s easy to check the usage of the conference room in real time, overview the vacant/occupied status at a glance and book the meeting room with one key.


When the server room, meeting room and other facilities in the campus are unoccupied, they can be linked with smart portable sockets or wall switch to automatically cut off power and save energy.

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