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Online Event: Sep. - Oct. 2022

Dive Deep into AIoT, Extend the Power of Smart Surveillance

Having dived deep into AIoT, Milesight keeps extending the power of Smart Surveillance to bring a smarter world into live at the upcoming 2022 Autumn Product Launch. The more powerful AI functions plus with IoT technology are applied in new products and solutions to help better analyze, learn and make decisions. Just join us and explore together!

Not Just in Sight,
Provide More Insight

New AIoT Products

Supplement Light AI LPR Camera

Light up the Road to Intelligence

sec2 1 Supplement Light AI LPR Camera
  • White/IR LED Version
  • Wiegand Protocol Supported
  • AI LPR Algorithm
4G Solar-powered ANPR Camera

Install Anywhere, Snap Anytime

4G Solar-powered ANPR Camera 4G Solar-powered ANPR Camera
  • Ultra-simple Deployment
  • 4G Technology for Data Transmission
  • Solar-powered & Battery-powered
AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor

We Empower All to Make the Most of Our Space

spance occupancy management AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor
  • AI People Counting
  • Anonymous Detection
  • >98% Recognition Rate
3D ToF People Counting Sensor

Highly-accurate Recognition Helps Decision-making

entrance management sec2 4 product 3D ToF People Counting Sensor
  • iToF Technology
  • Pseudo-color Depth Image
  • >99.5% Recognition Rate

Focus on Human & Vehicle,
Cater for True Need

New AIoT Solutions

AIoT Indoor Parking Management Solution

  • Intelligent AI-powered LPR Algorithm
  • LoRaWAN® Wireless Data Transmission

AI Outdoor Parking Management Solution

  • One Camera to Detect up to 100 Parking Spaces
  • AI Deep Learning & >98% Recognition Rate

Traffic Management Solution

  • Camera Linkage for Evidence Capture
  • Specific Lane Management
  • Vehicle Information Management

Various New AI Applications

  • Human Behavior Analytics
  • Fire Detection

Sever-based AI VMS Management

  • Server-based ANPR
  • Smart Video Synopsis

Space Occupancy Management Solution

  • AI Algorithm for Highly-accurate Detection
  • Compliant with GDPR for Privacy Protection

Entrance & Exit Management Solution

  • iToF Technology for >99.5% Recognition Rate
  • Pseudo-color Depth Image for Deep Insights
AIoT Indoor Parking Management Solution
AI Outdoor Parking Management Solution
Traffic Management Solution
Various New AI Applications
Sever-based AI VMS Management
Space Occupancy Management Solution
Entrance & Exit Management Solution


Join and Win AIoT Parking Management Solution Trial Offer

AIoT parking management solution trial offer

Online Webinar Schedule

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2022/9/27 Tue. 9PMEMEARegister Now!
2022/9/28 Wed. 4:30PMEMEA / APACRegister Now!
2022/10/12 Wed. 11PMAmericasRegister Now!
2022/10/13 Thu. 4:30PMEMEA / APACRegister Now!
2022/10/19 Wed. 9:30AMAPACRegister Now!
2022/10/20 Thu. 9PMEMEARegister Now!

*Note: The date and time is based on Beijing, China. Please select a session at your convenience. Key topics of the sessions are the same.

2022/10/18(火) 10時から日本語ウェビナーお申し込み
2022/10/20(木) 10時から日本語ウェビナーお申し込み


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