Case Study


Organization: The Wells Carlton Hotel of Abuja Location: Abuja, Nigeria Industry Segment: Hotel Milesight Partner: TELECAM Quantity and Model: 110 pcs Dome Network Cameras 2 pcs Bullet Network Cameras 6 pcs PTZ Network Cameras 20 pcs Milesight NVRs 2 pcs Milesight Keyboard
The Hotel of Abuja with Milesight Network Cameras


Amounts of Milesight products were employed to serve the hotel. Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Cameras were mainly installed at corridors, Mini Bullet Network Cameras in the outdoor areas. Also the Pro Dome Network Cameras, Mini PTZ Bullet Network Cameras and H.265 Speed Dome Network Cameras function at the cashier points and entrance separately, incorporating with Milesight NVRs to bring safe and secure environment to safeguard the clients and stuffs.

The distant view of the Hotel of Abuja with the installed Network Cameras on the outdoor areas.


Situated at 6°27' of Northern Latitude, Nigeria is a tropical country with strong light condition which would influence the image quality. Established in 2016, the Wells Carlton Hotel of Abuja is a hotel firstly franchised in Nigeria. With multiple functional zones like restaurant, gym and private pools, the hotel boasts to offer client comfort and enjoyment. To guarantee the great experience, the hotel takes security and safety as the priority. To better achieve the goal, the strong light should be took into consideration. With professional and wide range products satisfying various requirements, Milesight was chosen by the hotel.


A complete professional solution is needed to create a safe environment for clients and staff's security. Apart from the quality, various strong functionality matters, catering for different areas like corridors, outdoor areas and entrances. Exposed in back light and high contrast conditions, All these areas are demanding in WDR performance. Milesight with high-quality products earns trust of the hotel. The functionality and the ease of use greatly enhance the management.

Milesight Bullet Network Cameras and Speed Dome Network Cameras in the outdoor areas.


the installation of the Milesight Mini PTZ Bullet Network Cameras.

Milesight Network Cameras, NVRs and Keyboards were chosen to be installed in the specific areas. Network cameras include Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera, Mini Bullet Network Camera, Pro Dome Network Camera, H.265 Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera and H.265 Speed Dome Network Camera. NVRs include 4K H.265 Mini NVR, 4K H.265 PoE NVR and 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000. Both NVR and Milesight Keyboards improve the efficiency of the management of the solution.

Multiple Network Cameras for Common Goal

Milesight network cameras especially Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera, Mini Bullet Network Camera and newly released Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera feature different highlights, which satisfying multifarious demands. The cameras featuring Super WDR up to 140dB is a good solution for quality images in the strong light condition like outdoor areas, corridors and entrances where the lighting problem should have been a great challenge. 140dB WDR allows the camera to record greater scene details with true color reproduction even under the extreme back light and high contrast conditions. Also, all the cameras feature 0.002Lux ultra low-light visibility, which allows to deliver high detailed color images in the low light environments.

Milesight Video Surveillance solution with Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera, Speed Dome Network Camera, Dome Network Camera and Bullet Network Camera.

New PTZ Network Camera to Bring All-round Protection

Entrance is a vital area for the hotel to keep the safe environment. In order not to miss any useful images, the hotel chose Milesight PTZ network cameras, including Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera and Speed Dome Network Camera, to catch broader field of view. Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera gather Milesight's latest R&D capability to offer 360° endless pan, 75° tilt and 12 optical zoom. The Smart IR II Technology with revolutionary High Beam and Low Beam flexibly satisfies the demands of various distance. The innovative white LED functions as warning signal and supplementary lighting source, making it a second-to-none choice. The Speed Dome Network Camera with 30x AF lens catches panoramic view to bring all-round protection.

Milesight Network Camera in the outdoor areas.

NVR to Improve Management Level

Milesight 4K H.265 NVR Series consists of a complete range of patent design NVRs for flexible and reliable high definition surveillance. 4K H.265 Mini NVR, 4K H.265 Mini PoE NVR and 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 were chosen for managing the connected network cameras. The leading-edge H.265 compression and 4K video viewing experience ensure the smooth operation of the system.

Milesight Pro NVR 8000 and Mini NVR 1000.

Milesight attaches much importance to the product quality, and will improve and perfect them continuously to bring more user-friendly and powerful products.


Milesight with professional products well protects the hotel, which is proved a success. The key positions like corridors, entrances and cashier points could be efficiently monitored even under the low light environment and high contrast lighting conditions with the cameras' 0.002Lux low-light visibility and super WDR 140dB. The newly released Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera shows its powerful functionality. The 360° endless pan, 75° tilt and 12x optical zoom offers all-round view, which guarantee the security of the entrance. Moreover, with the help of the NVR and VMS system, the management of the solution is hassle-free and efficient.