Case Study


Organization: The Royal Palace of Oba of Benin Location: Edo, Nigeria Industry Segment: Tourist Attractions Milesight Partner: TELECAM Quantity and Model: 55 pcs Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Cameras 15 pcs Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Bullet Network Cameras 30 pcs Mini Bullet Network Cameras 2 pcs H.265 Speed Dome Network Cameras 4 pcs H.265 Pro NVR 8000 1 pcs Milesight Keyboard
The Royal Palace of Oba of Benin in Nigeria


The tropical savanna climate has nourished the land of Nigeria with abundant sun light and the sunshine has witnessed the fluctuated history of the Royal Palace of Oba for hundreds of years. However, the strong sun light of local condition has a great impact on network camera recordings. Milesight products with their super WDR function have well solved the problem and have safeguarded the security of the Royal Palace of Oba.

Milesight Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Cameras were installed at the indoor corridors. At the outdoor places, some Speed Dome Network Cameras have watched over every trace of the main entrances, and Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Bullet Network Cameras as well as Mini Bullet Network Cameras have been well prepared to deliver the whole outdoor places' picture. Milesight NVR and Keyboard perfectly matched the front-end cameras and were installed in the cabinet server room to manage the surveillance system.


The indoor area of Royal Palace of Oba.

The Royal Palace of Oba of Benin is a UNESCO listed heritage site. It is notable as the home of the Oba of Benin and other royals. The palace is located at the heart of ancient City of Benin and now it is a cultural tourism destination. The related department takes the security and safety of the cultural heritage as priority and needs a surveillance system that is adapted to the local condition and easy to be installed. That's why Milesight wide ranges of products with high quality were chosen to guard the royal palace.


The Milesight Pro Bullet Network Cameras and speed dome camera installed on the outdoor poles.

A surveillance solution that combines easy-to-manage with superior WDR function which prevents the impact of strong sun light is needed to secure the Royal Palace of Oba. To prevent strong sunshine from influencing the image quality, advanced WDR function is required. The indoor corridors, outdoor places, entrances all need different network cameras to catch different angles of view to make sure that no detail is missed. Milesight Surveillance Systems with high quality, strong functionality, aesthetic design and its easy management feature cater to the palace security requirements.


107 pcs of Milesight Network Cameras, 4 pcs of NVRs and 1 Keyboard were installed in the designated areas. 107 pcs of network cameras include Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera, Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Bullet Network Camera, Mini Bullet Network Camera, and Speed Dome Network Camera.

The Milesight Mini Bullet Network Cameras installed on the exterior wall of the Royal Palace of Benin.

Compact, but Functional

The Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Cameras were installed in the indoor corridors. 140dB super WDR ensures that the camera could bring great scene details with true color reproduction even under the extreme lighting conditions. Besides, featuring with compact design and IK09-rated vandal-proof configuration, this kind of network cameras fit for the indoor environment of the Palace in safe and aesthetic terms. They could deliver high detailed images in ultra low-light environment in 0.002Lux (color) or 0Lux (B/W) and the IR LED technology allows them to perform well in night vision surveillance. The easy and quick installation characteristic makes the Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera even better.

The Milesight Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera.

Various Functions Suitable for Local Conditions

For outdoor areas, three kinds of Milesight Network Cameras watch the Royal Palace day and night as guardians. Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Bullet Network Cameras and Mini Bullet Network Cameras has been installed on designated spots to record the view of the whole Palace. Considering the intense sunshine of local condition, the 140dB super WDR function of these cameras is absolutely necessary to catch great image scene details in the high contrast condition, and their 0.002Lux ultra-low light capacity enables the superb image quality in the low light environments. As for the Mini Bullet Network Cameras, the unique sunshield design is fit for the local condition as the camera housing effectively prevents the sunshine from entering the lens path and offer great thermal insulation.

The Milesight Pro Bullet camera and Mini Bullet camera, which have been installed in outdoor areas.

The Perfect Match for Supporting Front-end Products

The 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 and Milesight Keyboard were chosen to operate the connecting network cameras. The leading-edge H.265 compression, 4K video viewing experience, convenient hard disk installation, as well as the high compatibility and stability all represent the high-quality and easy-to-use, make the Pro NVR 8000 a perfect match to Network Cameras. The keyboard helps the user operate the system with ease as well.

The Milesight Pro NVR 8000 and keyboard.

Milesight is proud of its high quality products and bears customers' needs in mind to develop and optimize products.


Milesight network cameras and NVRs offer all-round surveillance to enhance the security level of the Palace of Oba, which proves a success. Every spot has been well monitored by Milesight products day and night even under high contrast strong light or ultra low light conditions thanks to the cameras' super WDR 140dB and 0.002Lux low-light visibility. Besides, with the management of the NVR with VMS and Keyboard, the operation of monitoring could be truly convenient and efficient to the user. The Royal Palace of Oba who bears the ancient history of the city of Benin stands silently in the sunshine and is accompanied by Milesight surveillance systems, with which to witness and protect the peaceful present day of the city.