Case Study


Round-the-clock Efficient Manufactory Monitoring by Milesight Cameras

Organization: Shekofteh Brothers' Metal Fusion Manufactory Location: Mid-East Industry Segment: Industrial Milesight Partner: Kankash
industrial Security


industrial Security

Producing various kinds of metal products for metal structures, Shekofteh Brothers' Metal Fusion Manufactory is one of the largest and most competitive productive companies in the Mid-East that is equipped with several lines of metal fusion ovens, foundry, rolls, and etc.


As the one of largest factories, Shekofteh Brothers' Metal Fusion Manufactory was committed to coordinating safety and security measures for staff and products. With a hyperthermal condition in manufactory, it was necessary to monitor workhouse inside to avoid incidents. Besides, for efficient maintenance and management of the large factory, measures of security surveillance should be taken during night to be alert for intruders. Another problem was also worth noting. The condition inside the factory was thick with high temperature, therefore it was not possible for the installers to stay in the area for long.


To meet those requirements, it is necessary for the manufactory to deploy a fitting video surveillance. In consideration of the high-temperature environment, the easy-to-install feature became the essential factor for choice. Milesight Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Bullet Network Camera is equipped with motorized zoom lens which allow users to control the focal length remotely and adjust the camera focus precisely with just a few clicks of a mouse, which needn't laborious installation, reducing the installers' time in the condition under high temperature.

In consequence, more than 48 PCS of Milesight Remote Focus&Zoom Pro Bullet Network Camera (MS-C3366-FPNA) with pro WDR were exploited to cover the entire parts of the workhouse, such as entrances, parking lots, surrounding areas, producing departments and so on. Equipped with 3MP motorized zoom & foucus lens, MS-C3366-FPNA camera allowed remote control of focal length, iris and focus through the use of lens controllers which were perfect for long distance surveillance. Furthermore, with the functions of E-PTZ, 3D-DNR and motion detection, it kept the manufactory in security surveillance when workers left workhouse. Equipped with built-in efficient IR LEDs whose IR distance was up to 25m, MS-C3366-FPNA camera ensured delivery of crisp image at night.


As for the office building surveillance, 6 PCS of Milesight IR Mini Dome (MS-C3587-PA) were used. By exquisite and compact stylish design, MS-C3587-PA camera was startlingly small but boosted versatile functions, offering wider viewing angle and wonderful experience. Moreover IR Mini Dome was able to offer indoor audio surveillance with the help of built-in microphone. And with built-in ICR filter function of cameras, day/night switching could be satisfied.

All cameras were day/night versions with a infrared (IR) cut filter, which automatically switched the camera from color to black-and-white mode at night to allow 24-hour surveillance. Furthermore, the solution with PoE function transmitted high-resolution images and enabled simultaneous power supply via the network cable, thereby ensuring convenient installation and reduced costs.

IR mini dome camera, bullet camera, Pro NVR

In addition to the cameras with powerful functionality, the facility of two Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVRs (MS-N8032-UH) made it possible to effectively control and manage network cameras, adding outstanding flexibility and efficiency to security. MS-N8032-UH could set up dual monitor display with 2 HDMI and 2 VGA interfaces. The primary monitor and secondary monitor could be configured separately and had their own display settings which enabled users to have different liveview or playback display layout simultaneously, offering a more efficient and explicit surveillance.


The new system delivered excellent images and could change from day-mode to night-mode automatically according to different levels of light, offering the 24-hour live viewing.

The positive results achieved in the manufactory were deemed more than satisfactory. In keep with the latest technology trends, the solution from Milesight guaranteed the security of whole area in manufactory without the need for on-site staff during night. Thanks to the installation of milesight network cameras with a prolong useful life of system, even complete darkness cannot offer criminal a place to hide.