Case Study


To build a security system in the Sina Behdasht

Organization: Sina Behdasht Location: Mid-East Industry Segment: Retail Milesight Partner: Kankash
Retail Security


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Sina Behdasht is one of the largest distributors of cosmetic and sanitary products in Mid-East. This company has got more than ten branches selling women and men cosmetic products.


For a store as large as Sina Behdasht, a delicate and modern surveillance system is crucial not just for reducing security risks but also improving store management. Various factors should be take into consideration. The chosen cameras ought to be firstly a part of the shop but not sacrifice the overall aesthetics since the consumption experience is so vital to be influenced. And at the same time, specific functionality especially built-in microphones is in need for taking real-time response to the situation on the shop and improving service quality.


Milesight was chosen for stylish body design and strong functionality, and 105 different camera models were selected for different monitoring points based on specific requirements: 32 Milesight Cube cameras (MS-C2191-PWA) and 55 Mini Dome cameras(MS-C3587-PA) were employed for the indoor environments. Moreover, more than 18 Weatherproof Mini Bullet cameras(MS-C3263-PNA) were exploited in order to cover the outdoor areas. All the camaras were connected to the central building via wireless links and the videos were recorded in both the stores and the management office.


Equipped with built-in microphone, Cube Camera(MS-C2191-PWA ) on the store allows the voice catching. The support of the IR distance up to 10M helps to produce image even in the dark environment. And the highlight of the camera is the WIFI functionality. With the functionality, connecting to the Internet could be a thing as simple as possible.

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The Mini Dome Cameras(MS-C3587-PA) which stands out for the small and exquisite body, also is equipped with built-in microphone, and features 3-axis mechanical design for fast and easy adjustment of the camera's viewing angle, allowing the precise positioning of the camera. Also the E-PTZ function enables users to catch the full image in the record while doing PTZ digitally on live view. The SIP/VOIP function enable the supervisor to get the store images even in a long distance simply via a video phone call. What's more, the camera is able to call and send the real-time video to the supervisor's video phone or mobile devices as configured immediately once the alarms are triggered. Thus, the mobile management of the stores become a piece of cake.

The Mini Bullet Cameras(MS-C3263-PNA) play an important role in the outdoor environment. The unique sunshield design almost encircles the camera body, which effectively blocks the sun from entering the lens path and offers great thermal insulation. And the support of the IP67 ensure the trouble-free operation of the cameras in all tough weather conditions outside the building. With true WDR, the sever light conditions like backlight, reflection and glare could be perfectly avoided to guarantee the proper light contrast and image clarity in the entrance and sites around the store.

Retail Security

Milesight devotes in improving R&D capabilities to provide customers best products. All our products pursue compact and stylish design so that the using of the products will be simplified to the great extent.


Greatly satisfied the Sina Behdasht's need, the surveillance system is proved to be an excellent decision. Customers can shop freely with no bothering of being monitored by the machines, which also reveals the overall aesthetics being kept. The built-in microphone guarantees the management of the shop. Goods placing is well arranged according to the analysis of the flowing. Emergencies are expediently solved in time. Also service problems can be found and corrected timely to ensured high level service quality and shopping experience.