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The requirements and development of CCTV surveillance, also called Closed-Circuit Television, have evolved significantly over the years, driven by technological advancements, changing security needs, and the increasing demand for video surveillance solutions. It serves several important purposes and fulfills various security and monitoring needs in both public and private settings, for example, enhancing security, deterring criminal activity, providing evidence, and monitoring various environments.

However, CCTV surveillance is a complex process and there are several pain points or challenges that can arise during the installation process. To help ease the complex of installation process, Milesight dives into technology expertise and knowledge for the proper planning, attention to detail, and regular maintenance, which also help mitigate many of these issues during and after installation.



Level-up Efficiency of Product Design

Milesight provides unparalleled design flexibility in the installations that come with Clamshell Design, 3-Axis Mechanical Design, and Junction Box.

The Clamshell Design is characterized by a two-part housing that resembles the shape of clamshell, with two halves that can be opened and closed. Typically, it is designed for dome base and used to ease the installation trouble. This design allows for the enlargement of the cable connection space and the ideal of integration of cable management. It allows an easy access to a robust and adaptable solution for securing the camera and maintaining optical image quality in challenging environments.

Second, going along with the emphasis on convenience, the 3-Axis Mechanical Design enhances the adjustment of camera’s viewing angle in a fast and easy way. The 3-Axis Mechanical Design refers to a specific type of camera mount or housing allows for three-axis adjustments, namely pan, tilt and rotation. In this way, users can enhance the versatility and effectiveness of CCTV cameras by providing the capability to precisely adjust the camera’s orientation and coverage. This flexibility is essential for capturing the desired field of view and ensuring the camera’s adaptability to various surveillance scenarios.

Next, the strategic insights lay in the Junction Box design. The Junction Box presents a neater means of concealing electrical junction and provide protection for the wiring interface. It is a component used to house and protect the electrical connections and wiring associated with CCTV cameras and related equipment. When selecting a junction box for a CCTV installation, it’s essential to consider factors such as the camera’s size, type (indoor or outdoor), environmental conditions, and the specific requirements of the installation site. Properly chosen and installed junction boxes contribute to the overall effectiveness, durability, and longevity of the CCTV systems.


Optimized Operational Efficiency in Installing Methods

The Milesight Products provides valuable insight about the installation process. It offers various methods of installation methods, for example, Mounting Bracket, Recessed Mount, Pendant Mount and Wall Mount. The Mounting Bracket offers a flexible installation options with precise camera positioning. For certain security and surveillance cameras, the recessed mount would be an ideal type of mounting method. Usually, the camera or device is installed in a recess or cavity within a wall or ceiling, so that it sits flush with the surface rather than protruding outward. And in the pendant mount installation, the camera is suspended or hung from a ceiling or overhead structure using a bracket or pendant arm. The overall installation methods help to provide a clear and unobstructed field of view, flexible positioning and height control.

The user-friendly installation design of Milesight smart surveillance products offers various advantages in specific situations and function properly in the harsh environment.

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