Milesight EM300-MLD Membrane Leakage Detection - Brings Up Intelligent Maintenance Insights for Smart Buildings Sensor


Nowadays, the world and society put much sophisticated reliance on technology to protect assets in various industries. To increase the accuracy and the protection of equipment, Milesight launch the new product of  EM300-MLD Membrane Leakage Detection Sensor to help access to the regular maintenance and ensure the continued effectiveness and safety of infrastructures.


Milesight EM300-MLD membrane leakage detection sensor is a device designed to detect and monitor leaks or breaches in membranes or barriers, typically used in various industrial and environmental applications such as IoT buildings, workplaces, and etc. It is crucial for maintaining the integrity of membranes and preventing contamination or damage or damage in the assets and facilities where membranes can play a critical role.



Limited Access in Certain Areas

In some situations, it may be difficult to access the membrane or the area where leakage could occur, making it a challenge to install traditional sensors.


Cost Constraints

Installing the traditional membrane leakage detection sensors can be expensive, particularly in large-scale or remote systems.


Compatibility Issues

Some membranes or systems may not be compatible with traditional leakage detection methods.

Also, in some environmentally sensitive areas, using certain detection methods may not be feasible.



To address these challenges, Milesight officially releases  EM300-MLD Membrane Leakage Detection Sensor that features compact design with intelligent insights. The sensor can be deployed in residential and commercial environments, especially in the appliances like under washing machines, or used to the monitoring of roofs and ceilings with plug-and-play installation methods. The Milesight EM300-MLD equips with 1 × 4000 mAh ER18505 Li-SOCL2  built-in battery that contributes to the ultra-low power consumption which helps the device working for up to 10 years. With the smart and responsive LoRaWAN® network, the device enables robust data storage and retransmission over the network to the Milesight IoT Cloud.


By implementing these strategies and practices, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of equipment damage, extend the lifespan of machinery, enhance workplace safety, and minimize downtime and repair costs. Preventative measures are a proactive approach to maintaining operational efficiency and reducing potential risks.


The Milesight EM300-MLD Membrane Leakage Detection Sensors serve a critical role in various industries and applications by safeguarding product quality the environment, preventing equipment damage, ensuring regulatory compliance, and promoting efficient and safe operations. These sensors are a proactive and cost-effective way to address potential membrane breaches and their associated risks.



Improved Operational Efficiency

The EM300-MLD can enhance safety by remote monitoring and detect leaks from a centralized location. And it helps to reduces the need for constant on-site inspections and regular maintenance.


Enabled Environmental Protection

In the environmental monitoring systems, these sensors help prevent the release of pollutants into the environments, safeguarding ecosystems and public health. In waste treatment plants, the device prevent untreated waste waters from entering water bodies, helping to maintain water quality.


Accurate Data Collection and Analysis

The data can be seamless transferred over LoRaWAN® network and be used for further analysis and predictive maintenance, helping organizations optimize their operations over time. What’s more, data from membrane leakage sensors can be integrated into larger control systems for comprehensive process management.

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