Extended Product Warranty to 2 Years, Upgraded Rights for You

Extend to 2 years! Milesight officially announces the extended product warranty to bring more stable and guaranteed product service life. By committing to pursuing high-quality services, Milesight rolls out the upgraded warranty policy which is going to promote user experiences. Most products’ warranty periods are extended to 2 years from 1 year and the original 3-year-warranty products are kept unchanged in their original high level. However, the warranty shall still keep its rules.

1. Limited warranty

Milesight guarantees that its goods will meet the requirements. This limited product warranty is valid for two to three (2-3) years starting from the selling date. Milesight will not be responsible for any product defects brought on by customer neglect, abuse, or mistreatment, such as incorrect installation or testing, or for any products that the customer has changed or modified in any way. Additionally, Milesight shall not be responsible for any flaws in such goods that arise from the design, requirements, or guidance provided by the customer. As Milesight deems necessary, testing and other quality control methods are used.

1.1 Product Warranty Overview


Warranty will not apply in the event of

  • Installation, maintenance and use not accordance with the instructions and warnings provided by Milesight or in conflict with legal regulations or technical specifications;
  • Damages resulted from electrical cabling defects and/or abnormalities, inappropriate distribution, electrical power failures or fluctuations, unusual environmental conditions (such as dust or smoke, including cigarette smoke), and damages related to air conditioning or humidity control systems;
  • Tampering;
  • Damage brought on by unforeseen circumstances, such as damage brought on by fire, flood, conflict, vandalism, or similar events, or damage caused by force majeure;
  • Damage caused by use of the product outside of the limitations set in the specifications;
  • Removal, alteration, or any other action that precludes a product's serial number from being uniquely identified;
  • Damage caused during transportation and shipment.

Special components will not included as

  • Gas detecting probes included will only have 1 year warranty;
  • Batteries are not included in the warranty.

1.2 Exclusive Remedy

Milesight's entire duty and the customer's or user's only remedy in the event that any of its products fail to conform to the warranty stated above shall be to replace such products. The scope of Milesight's liability shall be restricted to its chosen products to violate such a warranty. Milesight will have a reasonable amount of time to deliver replacements if it decides to replace such goods. Products that are replaced will have a new limited warranty duration.

1.3 Limited Support Service

Prior to employing any systems that use Milesight's products, Customer agrees to test those systems and the products' functionality in those systems. Limited technical, applications or design guidance, reliability statistics, and other services may be offered by Milesight. Customer understands and agrees that Milesight's provision of these restricted services will not enlarge or otherwise change the restricted warranties set out above, and that Milesight's provision of such services will not result in any new obligations or liabilities.

1.4 Unauthorized Use

The use of Milesight products in safety-critical applications where a failure could reasonably be expected to result in significant human injury or death is not authorized. Life support systems, nuclear facility operating gear, and weapon systems are just a few examples of applications that require a high level of safety. The usage of Milesight's products in automotive, military or aerospace applications or settings is neither intended nor designed for them. The customer understands and accepts that any usage of Milesight's products is done at their own risk and that they are solely responsible for adhering to all applicable laws and regulations.

2. RMA Policy

Milesight has established the RMA policy to give our clients the best support and service around time possible. Milesight sales & support teams are available to assist you in resolving any product or application difficulties you may have. In many cases we are able to resolve problems quickly without necessitating a product return.

2.1 Apply RMA Conditions

According to the RMA policy, this warranty does not cover defects or malfunctions caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, or use with equipment with which is not intended to be used.Customers are only allowed to return products as a result of the product being defective or due to a Milesight order entry error or manufacturing error and when a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number has been issued.

  • Products must have been purchased directly from Milesight.
  • Out of Policy requests are subject to acceptance by Milesight. A restocking fee may apply.
  • Products must be returned to Milesight designated location within 30 days of receiving your Returns Material Authorization (RMA) number.
  • Failure to return product within 30 days may result in cancellation of the Return Material Authorization number.

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