How Milesight Seamlessly Integrates AIoT into Practical and Smart Solutions

Go Wireless Podcast AIoT EpisodeOn this episode of the Go Wireless Podcast, Simon Robinson from Go Wireless NZ is joined by Ivete HUANG and Angel CAI from Milesight. He is also joined by Josh Solomon from Scopious/Go Wireless NZ. They discuss all things about Milesight and its AIoT portfolios, from IoT products to AI surveillance. They also cover Milesight 10th Anniversary.

Angel, marketing manager from Milesight Technology, touches on how AI video surveillance can protect people and their properties safe and sound, what she directly gains as a former experienced sales representative and why the combination of AI and IoT, AIoT is beautiful and powerful. Moreover, she further illustrates AIoT vividly by a use case: forest fire prevention solution.

Ivete, marketing executive from Milesight IoT, presents how Milesight IoT helps people to live in a smarter and better way by making data-driven decisions, and introduces new and chic AIoT products: CoWork Solution and AI Workplace Sensor. “Please turn off the lights, keep the door closed,” Do those reminders sounds familiar to you? If you want those out of your modern office for good, Ivete here brings the AIoT answers.

Key Question and Topics from this Episode: (01:46)   Who is Milesight? (03:32)   What kinds of security products do Milesight Technology offer? (04:16)   What’s the beauty of AI cameras? (07:22)   Who is Milesight IoT? (08:30)   Any product plans for AIoT portfolios? (09:03)   From your (Josh Solomon) point of view, what is IoT? (10:27)   What is AIoT? (12:35)   Any use case of AIoT applications? (15:03)   Could you (Ivete) tell us more about Milesight AIoT products, for example the CoWork Solution and AI Workplace Sensor? (19:00)   In your (Angel) eyes, how Milesight develops from a small size business to a global corporation today celebrating 10th anniversary? If you’re interested in more detailed stories of Milesight history, check  our latest news.   About Milesight Group

Founded in 2011, Milesight is a fast-growing AIoT solution provider committed to offering the value-added services and cutting-edge technologies. Based on video surveillance, Milesight expands its value proposition into IoT and communications industries, featuring Internet of Things communication, and artificial intelligence technologies as its core. Through a worldwide network of distributors and system integrators in over 120 countries and regions, Milesight disseminates its products and services in comprehensive solutions with a hope to connect physical and digital worlds together to elevate AIoT intelligence to the next level. For more information, please visit and

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