Supermarket POS Connectivity: The Key to Enable Reliable and Resilient Data Transmission

supermarket pos connectivity Background

POS, the Point of Sale, is mostly used in supermarkets and helps manufacturers and industries address the point of sale collection process. Especially in the supermarket or retail industry, they perform transmission of millions of private financial transactions daily and need to be quickly reacting to the change of expectation. With the payment method gradually transforming from cash to mobile commerce, the POS system has developed into a database for retail insights and asking for quicker data connectivity in a reliable and resilient way. To meet those requirements, the industrial UR32L lite industrial cellular router rolls out.

  • Wired POS System Result in Low Business Efficiency
  • Vulnerable Security for Transaction
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UR32L Industrial 4G LTE Router


POS are no longer considered as tools for payment. The increasing connected POS devices have evolved into something big as a database with the fast growth of mobile commerce and call for a high data connectivity which is the key to the smart supermarket payment system. As part of the POS connectivity strategy to cope with the demand, the UR32L is enclosed in a metal casing with an industrial-grade design to enable strict and rich connectivity for versatile IoT applications. The product is able to cover GSM/3G/4G LTE frequency bands in most countries and serve as a stable and reliable platform with network redundancy. Using the cellular connectivity supplied by the UR32L 4G router, the POS can achieve quick and wireless transaction process in real-time.

The smart supermarket can benefit from having the UR32L dual-port industrial cellular router. The product reduces the risk of the transaction by offering a secure and reliable scrutinized framework and encrypted VPN tunnels. It also enhances business performance and supermarket POS connectivity with speed up the transaction process and minimizing the possibilities of network failure so as to increase customer satisfaction.

toplology ur32 router supermarket Also Apply for Other Applications
  • Supermarket POS Connection
  • Secure ATM
  • Smart Grid
  • Secure and Stable IoT Data Connectivity
Network stability and security issues are commonly cited as two of the main problems that many businesses will confront with. The UR32L industrial cellular router is lauded for its integrated stateful firewall and VPN tunnels and redundant connection for IoT data transmission.
  • Cost-Effective 4G LTE Connection
This Industrial 4G Router featuring SIM card, dual Ethernet port, PoE, etc to delivers M2M communication networks tailored to the needs of smart retail and supermarket at a cost-optimized price.
  • Intelligent Management and Maintenance Strategies
The UR32L industrial-grade wireless router offers operational efficiency in scalable device management with forever-free Milesight DeviceHub. Users can configure devices, upgrade the firmware in bulk and remotely.

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