4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Milesight Webinars?

Milesight offers training in several different forms, blogs, video tutorials and webinars, all of which are free. Webinars are very similar to video tutorials, the only difference between them is that webinars are delivered in real time and support the interactive communication. This ensures that you are getting the most out of your training, and fully understand the topic covered. 


Whether you are an existing partner of Milesight already or a new customer who would like to know more about Milesight products and services, Milesight webinar covers a variety of advanced or beginner topics helpful to anyone in the IoT industry.

Haven’t participated in a Milesight webinar yet? Here are 4 reasons why you should consider joining us next time:

1. Streamline Your Sales Pipeline

You only want the best for your customers. You definitely need top-notch products and solutions as well as professional services for your sales team and your customers. If you already partner with Milesight, it’s amazing what new skills and understands as well as materials that you can pick up in only an hour through a webinar. See for yourself! 

2. Instant Feedback

You get the opportunity to ask questions. Stop guessing and get answers from those who know Milesight best. Moreover, you will get a copy of your questions and answers by email after webinar. During our a hands-on demo performing webinar, presenter(s) stop at various points to check if everyone is up to speed.

3. Wide Selection of Topics

We have a variety of webinars for users of all levels, backgrounds and interests. Whether for the different product lines -- LoRaWAN® or Cellular Router, or for the different solutions and applications, or for the advanced and beginner users of IoT industry, you can sign up for your interested topics easily.

4. Reap Recurring Revenue with Milesight

Partnering with Milesight is a guarantee of both financial and efficiency success. Milesight enables you to centralize your support for Milesight devices in an easy and remote way, which in turn provides partners with a new source of recurring revenue by monetizing the support services.  

Is it LoRaWAN® Sensors or the highlights of Milesight Industrial Cellular Routers that piques your interest? Either way, pick one topic (or more) and sign up today!


If you are interested in Milesight, please leave us a message.

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