Moving Intelligence to Your Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a global health crisis. Cities are shutting down, and almost all businesses are closing offices, postponing events, prohibiting non-essential travels, and instructing employees to work from home or access devices on remote sites. It seems like no one can escape from this crisis, and it is true; however, Milesight can help your business run as usual at an affordable cost with secure and reliable networking solutions.


Generally, companies rely on cheap/free Mi-Fi devices from carriers to extend their IT connection strategy. However, these solutions are merely consumer-grade, and lack centralized management, critical security and monitoring options to extend and ensure enterprise-wide security.

Solution 1: Work  from Home - A Secure & Reliable Home Office Network for Your Team

In fact, even before the coronavirus pandemic has become popular in many corners of the earth, the remote job market has already been on the rise with an increasing number of workers seeking out flexible arrangements that allow them to work from home or work with flexitime.  Therefore, this Remote Work Solution is suitable for any businesses that already start to work from home or that just start to work from home because of the pandemic.


Step 1: Connect your PC to the LAN port on the UR32 industrial cellular router and the WAN port to your home router for primary wired connection. Step 2: By using DeviceHub, your IT specialist can configure UR32 industrial cellular router remotely to create a VPN tunnel between your home office and the corporate data center via MilesightVPN, and all IP traffic that communicate between your home office and corporate data center are securely encrypted. Advantage: If you home Internet experiences a service outage, the cellular connectivity backup of UR32 will take over and keep the connection function smoothly all the time.


Solution 2: Manage Remote Sites - Reduce Work Redundancy and Save Time & Money

Computers and communications equipment are often found in the most remote and obscure places. However, on-site support for factories and plants is becoming unpractical during this difficult period. However, with Milesight remote access solution, this problem can be readily solved. Your technical team is able to manage and monitor any devices on the network - anywhere and anytime.


Step 1: On-site devices like PLCs, HMIs and IP cameras can be connected to the LAN ports on UR35, Step 2: you can use an authorization code to connect UR35 to MilesightVPN without any complex operation. Step 3: By connecting your personal computer to MilesightVPN, all on-site devices will be within the same network for remote management, monitoring and troubleshooting. Advantage: Your technical team will can operate equipment maintenance without even going to sites, which greatly helps your business save big and protect your technical team from being exposed to the virus. None of us know how long this new normal will last, but from our homes to yours, here’s wishing everyone stays safe, healthy, and secure. Benefits Ensure Security & Reliability

From firewall protections to VPN encryption, cellular & Wi-Fi for network failover, and dual SIM standby, Milesight routers are fully secure and reliable for your networking demand of work from home.

No Reoccurring Costs

The MilesightVPN and DeviceHub service are totally free and they help you eliminate downtime and travel expenses as well as analyze and resolve the on-site devices’ issue remotely.

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